Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It's so odd hearing crickets and birds and stuff outside. But they wake me up. I got woken up before 7 AM. Luckily I was able to fall back to sleep until Ella woke up at 7:40.  Also our room is so bright!
I took my weekly photo. Then as I was trying to find clothes that fit Dave thought I was trying to put on clothes to take progress photos. I wasn't but once he said it, I had to.

I finally went through the carnival boxes and organized those and got 1 in the garage to store. I worked on some things in the nursery too. Just random cleaning up. I was starving and was going to make pancakes early on but Dave didn't want them so then I didn't eat. Finally a little after 10 I had cereal. I ate 4 bowls!
Ella got a laundry basket and took her stuffed cat outside and tucked it in the laundry basket with a blanket. She did this right outside the front door. I showed Dave a picture. He said he may have given Ella the idea because she couldn't find me and said I was outside. (I was in the dining room.) She wanted to take her cat outside and he said she could as long as it didn't touch the ground.
I talked her into bringing the cat inside and rocking it in the swing. She did that for awhile then put the cat on the baby play mat and turned on the music and bumped the toys that babies are supposed to play with. After a bit of that she put the cat back to "sleep" in the swing.

Ella wasn't hungry yet. But then later she had cereal and pretzels with pub cheese. She used her iPad for awhile. She kept wanting me to sit beside her.
Near 1 PM we left for lunch. We figured Ella wouldn't eat since she had been eating for quite some time.  We went to a pizza place. Ella had a small piece of pizza and it took her awhile to eat that.  She did ask to go potty. She's been regressing so much and only wanting to me changed like a baby unless she has to poop. So I was quite impressed that for the 2nd time she actually asked to go.
Then we headed into Target. Ella was pretty good. I was shocked.

We left at 3:10 and took a little roundabout way to get home and Ella fell asleep on the way home.   After putting everything away, Dave and I watched TV and snacked.

That's all I wrote about for the day!

I took pictures of Ella doing gymnastics. Ella and Dave ate dinner at like 10 PM. I never ate dinner. I had contractions but they didn't amount to anything.

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