Saturday, August 9, 2003


i'm sneaky but work deserves it. i was punched in as a banquet server all day today even tho i was supposedly a la cart from 5pm - 11:48. i only had 3 tables tonight. i was helping everyone else. it was eveil. luckily nobody changed how i was punched in. people were nice. i sold a bottle of wine tonight again. i really gotta learn how to uncork them. people asked me where to buy a car around here and stuff. i talked for a long time to my first two tables. fun stuff. at least they weren't rude.

i worked 11.8 hours today even tho i was scheduled for 9.

sarah might work for me on wednesday. i am excited. it's so hard to believe that school is so soon. i can't wait... well to go up there but not start classes

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