Friday, May 6, 2005


I keep having weird dreams.  I dont know what's up. Last night was like the worst.  Brian had an evil plot and he was using his two younger sisters for his ploy (he does have 2 younger sisters but these were not them... one was named Trisha and I forget the other one... they were not the actual names of his sisters anyway).  THey were on track with me and it was high school.  (but where we practiced was familiar to me. I knew of his plan so he kept visiting me at night to let me know what he would do to me if I told. Everyday at track practice another girl went up missing and you would see blood about the place.  I was attempting to notify the police through e-mail since he watched me wherever I went.  But that's when I woke up.  Also in the dream he would bring 2 cats with him when he visited me knowing how they freak me out when i'm sleeping.  It was all too real even though the events would never be real. Like in the dream track turned into basketball tryouts at one point but then changed back and that still didnt' make me wake up.  People at the basketball tryouts were from the basketball team when i was in high school (but only in my grade).  I almost think I woke up at least once and then got back into the dream.

and then nobody was on  aim for me to tell this story first hand to get a reaction. Nobody has been on aim lately.  I seem to get bored.  People seem to only be on when they are busy with classes.  LIke now that it's a study day, they have a life or something.


  1. russsss (LiveJournal)May 6, 2005 at 2:00 PM

    What's all this about with these cats? Do you not like cats around when you are sleeping?

  2. smilincolleen (LiveJournal)May 6, 2005 at 2:05 PM

    The only nightmares I ever had as a kid were about cats. I sleep w/ my bedroom door closed because those cats in the hallway are going ot get me (mind you there are no cats)
    So also I dont like cats aroudn when i'm sleeping because of that.

    I do not know why i first started having the nightmares about cats.

  3. russsss (LiveJournal)May 7, 2005 at 12:23 AM

    When I was sleeping, our first cat used to sleep on my head. She would climb onto my hair ontop of my head for some reason. Then when I woke up in the middle of the night with a cat on my head and tried to move, she would wake up and try to use her claws to stay where she was. It was strange. I started closing my door to keep that cat out at night.