Monday, May 30, 2005

i was whooping up when playing poker w/ my dad, brother, joey, and dave. but i had to give up and let timmy play for me (he was the only one out) so i coudl dry and curl my hair.

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  1. russsss (LiveJournal)May 30, 2005 at 3:13 PM

    I was in this poker group for the first semester of college. We were required to pick a group to join and the class was worth 0 credits. The group would meet every thursday or something and play poker. I won the first hand dealt (we primarily played texas hold 'em) with a pair of kings. It was pretty cool getting the other kids to bet so high on the very first hand and winning with such a nice hand.

    It was great playing poker at noon as the first class on Thursday. It was a good way to start the day.