Sunday, October 30, 2005

stuff i did

here's what contributed to my business

Well last Saturday I worked with Kelly.  I haven’t worked with her since I came back after the summer.  It was actually pleasant to work with her and she didn’t stand around doing nothing, we both were doing side work constantly so then when it was time to leave it was quick.  But everyone else at work was sick or people called in sick or left early.  I was quite afraid of getting sick for my busy week.

Sunday from 9-2:30 I did a girl scout/SWE event.  Girl scouts came from somewhere in the area and SWE members had stations set up that taught them science and technology for them to get a badge.  That was fun but I woke up feeling awful and new if I went to work it wouldn’t be good.  And if you remember correctly how Sundays are always really slow and they don’t really need 2 servers on then I don’t stay very long (but I would be there long enough to get more germs).  So I called in sick. I talked to the GM on the phone making sure they could handle it w/o me though.  Since it was her working as manager and not Pam I knew they’d be able to handle it.  Pam can’t handle any pressure at all and then she gets flustered and can’t even do her job.  On Saturday I went back and helped her make pizzas while I had tables because she was freaking out that Alli was cashing people out.  But neither of those are in my job description as server but I didn’t want her to freak out.  Since Alli was already cashing people out taking over in the middle is hard so I went back and made pizzas.  I made about 4 orders in the time she made one.  I got her down to 1 order then left and she started getting flustered again so I came back 2 min later w/ every order still there and caught her up again.
So back to Sunday.  During my scheduled 4-8 shift I took a nap. That made me feel a lot better.  I can’t remember what else I did Sunday night beside DMS homework.

Monday I had class 10-12 and 4-6.  Then after my class I went to the gym.  There were too many people there so I didn’t do my normal workout.  I napped between my two classes.  Then from about 8-11 I studied with Tom for my test Tuesday.

Tuesday I had class 8:30-10 and the test 12-2 and class 2-3:30.  Between 10 and 12 is when I discovered the Sudoku puzzles.  I’ve done a million.  Some are a lot harder than others.  Some sights have easier ones but I haven’t seen rankings on how hard they are before I try them.  I was supposed to watch a movie “the Insider” before my 2:00 class but since about 8 classes worth of kids were trying to watch it I couldn’t get it anywhere.  I was still able to partake in our discussion on Ethics though w/o watching the movie.  She wanted us to watch it so incase we didn’t have experience we’d have that as examples to discuss.  After class at 3:30, Maggie, Dave and I went to Panera after dropping his car off at the garage to get fixed (you know the mirror from the drunk a few weeks back) Then 6-8 I went to an information Session for Lutron.  Pizza and drinks were provided.

Wed I had a Lutron interview.  It was 1 hr long and he asked really really simple technical questions.  I think the nervousness of the interview makes you not think as clearly.  At the end of the interview he said he has to help everyone through them.  He even had to help Dave through his so I don’t feel as bad.  He had 1 question the same as me and 1 different.  (Dave just looked over and said “if you wrote that much in your journal then it would be worth reading”) Ok so I’m not sure how the interview went but I don’t want to work for them so it doesn’t really matter.  Wed night I had a Xerox info session 6-8 and Raytheon 6:30-8:30.  See there’s a problem with that.  But I don’t really want to work for Xerox by what they have engineers do so I just went to that for the first half hr then left and went to the other one.  The Raytheon info session made me like the company even more.  Wed I also did a little DMS hw and probably other hw since I have multiple classes.

Thursday I had class 10-11:50 but had to leave early for my 11:45 Raytheon interview.  The interviewer loved me.  Less than halfway through the interview he said he was recommending me for a 2nd interview.  He worked at BK during undergrad so he knows how hard it is to keep your grades up and get everything done so he was impressed.  I have found that if people didn’t work during school they don’t realize how hard it actually is.  He really like when I answered one of his questions w/ how I trained new managers at Pizza Hut last year even though I wasn’t getting paid any more to do it (it was some question about going above and beyond the “job” description but when he said job it triggered working and I asked if that example was ok and he thought it was.  He’s probably sick of hearing all about school all the time.) Then I had an hour to kill before my next interview.  I called my mom to tell her about the interview.  All she seems to care about is if these companies are close to North Huntingdon. After I got off the phone w/ her I still had 30 minutes to kill so of course it was puzzle time.  I think the Xerox interview also went well.  I think 2 facts help my interviews: the more I do the less nervous I get and if I don’t want to work for them there isn’t as much pressure.  Then my 4:00 class was cancelled because the professor is traveling.  HE said he was a time for us to work on Project 2 but he has to approve our idea.  He did not respond to my e-mail yet.  I e-mailed him Monday before class.  I should probably e-mail him again because I can’t start working on it until he OKs it.  I napped from about 3:30-5:30 then Maggie and Kate came over.  Well them coming over and coming inside woke me up.  They wanted me to join them in shopping for Halloween costumes.  I said I had a huge test at 8:30 in the morning and would only go if the trip was short.  (I told them this the night before.)  Well costumes weren’t looking good.  WE changed ideas many times and I kept saying how I needed to study but I didn’t really say “ok we have to leave I said it had to be a short trip and it’s too long and I don’t want to fail” I wasn’t so demanding.  Then after 4 hours at the mall we went to Target.  So I didn’t get home to study until after 10:30.  With any other week I would have started studying already but this week I just didn’t find the time.  I made a list of everything I had to study and then after an hr and then after 2 hours I figured it out that I would be done studying by 10:30am.  So I went to sleep and got 4 hours of sleep (or closer to 3).  I had boxed some hw questions I still didn’t’ understand the solution.

Friday the test was 2 questions and I’d say both were awful.  One involved solving a differential equation to derive an equation.  The class isn’t diff eq it’s advanced heat transfer so I didn’t like that.  And that question was almost identical to one of the hw problems I boxed because I didn’t understand it.  There were 15 total hw problems on this material.  Then the other question was identical to a hw problem but that hw problem had an incorrect solution based on pulling numbers from a chart so I remembered that but I know I got all the procedure correct on this one but I messed up reading one chart after I left the test I realized (I read .01 instead of .1).  This 2 question test was worth 20% of my grade.  The professor didn’t show up for the test a Thermal TA administered the test.  He had to collect tests at the end of the time because at least 10 people out of about 30 weren’t finished. The first person only finished w/ 5 min left in the class.  This class is awful because the professor just goes straight through the book.  He doesn’t collect hw and all of our grades are based on tests.  I bought a study guide for the book and it came Thursday.  I didn’t have time to actually look at it at all for this test though so I don’t know how helpful it will be.  Then I had class 12-2.  Normally I go to the gym at 10 but since I was so tired I skipped that.  In the past month (even though it feels like longer) I’ve been making it to the gym to run or lift weights 4 out of 5 weekdays but this week I only made it once.  My 12:00 class didn’t have the correct professor either.  Some other guy came and lectured right from the power point notes.  He said the first time he saw them was 15 min before the class.  He wasn’t our TA but I think he was a student not a professor. 

Friday night I worked at 5. It was slow and we had a new waitress there learning. So there were 4 of us.  She was just bussing tables and hostessing and such but she really just stood around.  I kept doing all the side work throughout the night and realized she’s supposed to be doing it.  I think they are having the wrong person train her.  Hollie is training her and Hollie always stands around doing nothing and letting other people do work. But her friends came in on my turn but they wanted the new girl to wait on her so we sort of took it together.  They left me a good tip. And I couldn’t live w/ myself if I just kept it since I got it because of Nicole so I gave her some.  I asked a few cooks what I should do and they all said I should keep it all since she’s just standing around doing nothing. Plus I thought later her friends might say the tip that they gave and then she might be surprised or mad I didn’t share it with her.  The other 2 servers left early because we were slow, then I started getting busy.  So I was able to make more money.  Actually I ended up with more money than I’ve made so far on a Friday (since August).  At the end of the night I had to carpet sweep under more tables because I got so busy at the end.  I wanted to be a slacker and not really carpet sweep under the back tables since it was so late and I actually had plans later in the night, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I can’t leave w/o work being done that’s why it takes me the longest to close and why they have me closing every shift I work.  Well the table in the corner that I was debating not sweeping under I found a $10 bill.  It was wrinkled up.  I bet it was there when the last girl was sweeping under it (I didn’t see her move the table to get anything in the corner).

I decided to break up Friday a little since this would be one huge paragraph. Then I got home and someone was parked in our driveway.  I could still make it into the garage though.  I just couldn’t back into it.  Then I learned it was the car Maggie and Kate came in.  They thought I would be home by then but I wasn’t since I got out of work late.  Our neighbors are/were having this big 2 day party.  They somehow ended up going there since Dave didn’t’ answer the door when they knocked.  WE kept the door locked because drunks kept walking in and not realizing it was the wrong house.  Dave didn’t answer the door because people kept banging on it and ringing the bell all night.  I made a sign for night 2 saying wrong door and with arrows and saying don’t knock on the door.  It worked a little.  Friday night Maggie, Kate, and I dressed up as our “Hug Dealers” this is what we came up with after so long.  We had pink shirts that said hugs not drugs and pink purses and hats and we were dealing “hugs” or the hug candies (that are likes kisses).  Adam also joined us (Kate’s BF) but he wasn’t in costume.  We went to a party at the “Frisbee house”  Maggie is on the ultimate Frisbee team and she lives in one house of people on the team.  The party was at the other house.  It wasn’t that fun since Kate, Adam and I only knew about 3 total people.  Maggie knew everyone.  After about an hr and a half we left (and Maggie stayed).  Then we came back here and sat and talked for awhile and took some pictures.  I’ll send you some later.    Then when they left I went next door to see how this party was going.  I’ll continue here next time.

Well while Kate, Adam and I were in my apartment (Dave and Timmy upstairs) I didn’t lock the door because they were going to be leaving soon.  In 20 minutes time 4 different people walked right in thinking it was the party.  If you walk up the front steps our door is straight ahead and theirs is to the right.  After Kate and Adam left I went over to see what was up since some of my coworkers were there.  I helped Raechel call her cab and get into the cab. I also helped pick up a little because people were spilling everything.  Sheila, one of the people who lives there and a pizza hut coworker, was throwing up since before I got there.  She was in the bathroom upstairs.  She even made a party rules sign w/ Bo (another roommate) where it said to know when you’ve had too much to drink.  Jesse (the 3rd roommate of which I knew since freshman year) doesn’t drink and didn’t buy any of the alcohol.  He was in his room for awhile upstairs then when Sheila started throwing up he took care of her.  Then after she was able to lie in bed he decided to mop the floor multiple times.  Another reason I went over was to check it out because their music was shaking our walls.  At one point Dave called me to ask them when they were going to turn down the music.  Around 3:30am they turned down their main floor music.  They left the music on in their garage until about 6pm the next day but I could only here that from our garage. 

Someone else threw up in the hallway.  It was a lot of cranberry juice. One of his friends was blaming it on what he ate not the enormous amounts of alcohol he drank.  I’m not sure if I mentioned Jesse’s constant mopping of the floor or not.  So I left there around 3:30 and people were constantly being retarded and then when I wasn’t retarded back they commented that I wasn’t drunk yet and that I had to get to drinking.  That didn’t happen.  I was going to drive Timmy home at this point but he was about to fall asleep on the couch.  Dave was already asleep.  We kept hearing people argue on the porch and being quite drunk and leaving to drive home.  So we decided it was better to stay off the roads and eh spent the night sleeping on the couch.  He was very tired. He pulled an all nighter Thursday night.

Saturday I woke up around 1pm.  Did 2 loads of laundry, made roasted potatoes, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned up a little, and ate.  I got exhausted so I went to lie in bed and read psych.  I fell asleep shortly after.  I slept for 2 hours.  I set my alarm for 1 hr later but went back to sleep. Dave had to try really hard to wake me up and get me up and about.  I told him to make sure I woke up and didn’t nap for ever so he was just doing his job.  Then I sat around trying not to fall asleep for awhile and I then made homemade French fries.  I burnt my mouth a few times.  Then I took Timmy home and watched some TV with Dave.  I also did a little DMS before TV. Around 10 Kate and Maggie came over and we went out for dessert.  Then we came back and changed into our Halloween costumes and took some pictures.  Then we went to a frat party because SWE made a deal with them that if we got 20 SWE members at the meeting then 8 of their members would show up at our SWE meeting.  I think Kate, Maggie, and I were 20, 21, and 22. That was really boring but we were hunting for Kate’s roommates to show them that we showed up.  While doing this the party got “busted” or so public safety came around and everyone had to go inside (it was 3 on campus apartments w/ a tarp in the back connecting them and we were outside waiting for people at this point).  So they made sure nobody with an X on their hand had a drink in their hands even though many were very intoxicated.  This was my first frat party (like official one) since the first week freshman year so it was quite interesting.  We had to wait about 15 min for public safety to leave.  I never saw them so I don’t know what they did.  Then we went off to an apartment of some cross country members (I actually knew these people from before), but they weren’t home.  Next we went to an apartment of some other people I actually knew.  When we walked in somebody dressed as a tree was laying on the floor saying he was so drunk he was just laying there and we’d have to step over him.  I’m not sure if I knew him or not.  Someone put him to bed.  But there were a few more people so totally drunk I have no idea how or why they were still drinking more alcohol.  I just don’t understand it.  We stayed there for awhile talking to people and getting our pictures taken.  I actually knew a few people at this party and I haven’t seen them in awhile.  Kate and I left this party and Maggie was going to walk home.  She lived about 100 ft from the apartment so it was easier for her to walk and she wanted to stay.  It might have been around 1:30 at this point.  Then coming home Kate dropped me off so I couldn’t sneak in through the garage since I didn’t have a garage door opener.  When I got to our porch there were about 15 people on it so I didn’t want them wanting to come in my place so I went into their house.  I walked around and ended up going upstairs and found one of the hosts.  Apparently about 8 of them just got high up there.  There was a bong sitting out.  That was the 2nd time I’d ever seen one.  The first being the night before.  So I was going downstairs and they all were.  And all of a sudden everyone is running to the back door with someone shouting “if you are under 21 get out and run. The cops are here.”  That left like 3 people in the living room.  I was shocked at this.  Later I learned those that were 21 and older were also running.  I don’t know why.  So I left and went to my apartment.  I tried to be nosey but didn’t learn much other than the cop car was blocking the street for more than 15 minutes. 

Jesse was using the fog machine so it was so hard to see inside.  I learned this is actually why the cops came.  There wasn’t a noise disturbance or anything.  They only talked to one of the three roommates and said if there is another disturbance or anything he would be the one arrested.  But he was the only one drunk that lived there.  He just turned 23.  Today at work I learned the cops were there for so long because they were chasing all the kids that ran.  They only caught up to one person.  Dave H.  I used to work w/ him.  He’s 21.  They asked him why he ran.  But at work today I heard all kinds of stories of stuff that didn’t actually happen and some stuff I don’t know about so I’m not sure what to believe for the rest of it.  The cops did look around to “make sure there was no underage drinking” and Sheila said the cops were so cool and joking about it and they left.  I’d have to say it was probably 80% or higher underage drinking which really shocked me when I first was over there Friday.  It was more of a shock because Jesse is 21, Sheila 20, and Bo 23 so I thought they would have older friends.

I enjoyed the changing of the clocks this weekend.  Saturday you might have noticed all I ate was potatoes.  I did have ice cream about 11pm and then nachos and cheese when the cops were around because I was starving. 

Today I woke up and didn’t really do much, watched a TV show then went to work.  I got Ryan to close for me since he wanted more money so more hours.  I had 2 tables while I was there but didn’t mind.  I would still have 2 more hours there.  He also made 40 bucks in the 2 hours before I got there so he was in a good mood and just wanted more.  I’ve been writing this e-mail since I got home.

Before Saturday the only real food I had in the past week was Pizza.  At the info session they provided pizza and other than that I didn’t any.  I kept grabbing food on the go or sleeping through meal times then not wanting to cook. 

I have an interview Nov 3 with Praxair.  I got an e-mail saying I was pre-selected for an interview with Lockheed Martin but the interview slots didn’t open yet to sign up for one.  I got the e-mail from them early.  They aren’t supposed to be decided until Nov 1.  But they are interviewing 120 people that day so they probably pre-selected everybody.

I don’t have a test until November 11, but I know that time will come around the corner before I know it.

Today I was about to leave work and then remembered I didn’t pick up this weeks paycheck or last weeks yet.  Wednesday is payday. 

O I forgot yesterday I cut my hair.  I left the bottom layer the same length and just added layers taking about an inch off max.  The layers help with holding the curl but I still wanted length.  It was a spur of the moment hair cut.  I wasn’t done when Kate and Maggie showed up.  I just did 2 more snips and left.  I could probably fix it up more but its just layers so nobody notices.  I should probably use a mirror to check out the back though.  I didn’t really add any there.  Kate and Maggie said I’m brave cutting my own hair.

I should do a few more calculations for DMS for tomorrow but I feel like I’ve maxed out my brain from last week and I still want to rest.  I probably forgot to mention some of what I did too. It was the longest week ever.  It feels like it’s been a month since I’ve had psych.  The last time I had psych was last Monday.


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    I'm 21 too!

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    what's your I'm 21 too in reference to?