Thursday, October 13, 2005


so much to do. so little time. sorry for being a posting slacker.

our calculations are off for dms.  i want to do a bunch to try to fix them and make calculations in word for the report so it looks pretty. i have to read 15 pages by 4. i have to finish my psych powerpoint and burn it to a cd or e-mail it before the start of class at 4.  i have to do powerpoint slides for dms presentation on monday and be prepared to discuss them  and get prepared to give the entire presentation with knowing everything. we also have to write a "mid term review" paper for dms due monday. i have a psych test monday and those require lots and lots and lots of memorization. i work tomorrow night for 6 hours or so. i work sunday for 5.5ish hours. we have a meeting sunday for dms.  i know of lots of corrections to our report so far but i know if i say them they wont get changed or whatever even tho they are just minor changes (liek 5 min worth) they r important. like this isn't revisision 1.1 it's 1.0.  our names should be alphabatized on the coversheet. the date on teh paper should be the due date not the date a few days ago. (that's just the cover sheet corrections).

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