Saturday, October 17, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

01:17:42 — istayed up too late.
10:35:53 — On the exercise bike right now
11:35:01 — mad
13:20:45 — Barn door red and Au lait ole. (like toasted- color we picked but a brand lowes had). Kind of scares me.
21:23:38 — @mikecherepko I don't like it. Mommy did in a pic. Pb likes it.
21:27:01 — 1 coat is awful so far on the red
21:28:13 — Not sure if we should paint the speakers. We couldn't get them off the walls.
21:47:41 — gowear fit tells me i had 5:17 of physical activity today. all that painting. not vigorous activity so i have burned more calories before.

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