Monday, October 19, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

00:01:52 — @TENroaches ack the why was to something else I read... oops clicked on teh wrong tweet to retweet
00:02:31 — Why? what about them? RT: @mikecherepko: I'm embarassed by the parking lots next to Heinz Field. #Steelers
17:20:11 — Remind me not to try to carry two tires up stairs in 4 inch heels again. Wouldn't have been bad if the garbaf Ge bags weren't so big.
17:24:20 — @polahbea's coat hacked the seat and it attacked my arm.
22:26:24 — 8 more min in exercise bike. So bored.
23:03:45 — the lady at express recognized me. she remembered that i already bought a lot of pants & asked about them. i said it's a sign i buy too much

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