Monday, July 15, 2019

Carpi Workout Pants

I have an easier time finding capri workout pants since I don't require the length that I do with pants.

I've purchased 5 different styles/brands on Amazon and they have their pros and cons. I figured I'd list them here. I would buy Small until I got pregnant and then I needed bigger.  These all have a phone pocket because who would buy pants without a pocket nowadays.

I bought deep purple capris in a large. These are so soft. They remind of me of how soft the 90 degree reflex pants. The pockets are not that deep so my phone sticks out a little bit. I feel like it sticks out too much to run with a phone in my pocket. By the end of the day the waist band was sliding down. Granted my belly is pretty big compared to a normal person since I still look pregnant.

I bought black capris in a large. This large is smaller than the purple large.  I like how high waisted these are. They are great for my needed tummy control now.  But when I'm thinner, I like lower pants.  These are perfect now. I will probably order more.  I definitely felt like these large fit more like a medium.

I bought some black with stripes on the side. I bought these in the middle of my pregnancy. They are the tightest of the 4. These are great to run in and my phone in the pocket all day long is great. It's a good position so I'm not sitting on it.

I bought gray capris in a medium.  These are looser than the black with stripes. For awhile I only had these 2 pairs in medium. The pocket is set further back on the leg so you sit on your phone a little  and can't get at it easier. This pocket is set a little bit further back so I feel like I'm sitting on my phone if my phone is in my pocket when I sit down so I tend to take it out. This pocket is much looser.   There is no tummy control on these pants.

They range from $17-21. The black ones were the most expensive and then they were a deal of the day on July 15 and ended up the cheapest. I just ordered a second pair because I didn't realize they were deal of the day!

ETA: I got the 2nd pair and love them too.

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