Monday, May 28, 2012

5.10 - Pink

Shirt: NY&Co (and then taken in on the sides at the hips and in the back to make it fit better)
Skirt: Express
Shoes:  Gabriella Rocha
Necklace: Sears
(I did realize my shoe straps were messed up a few minutes after these pictures and fixed them.)

Dave and I carpooled so we got to work at 7am.
The day flew by. I barely had any meetings. I kept starting new things without finishing my old things.

I was also a little distracted because Dave turned in his letter of resignation. Then he kept giving me updates on how sad everyone was.

After work Dave and I went to North Park to walk.  He wanted to do 5 miles but we only had time for about 4 so we walked and then turned around and walked back instead of doing the loop.  I didn't have my watch since I was going to do Body Pump so I don't know exactly how much we walked. I do know Dave walks 30 minutes just fine and then he complains about his back hurting.  This happens often.

After that we headed to Double Wide. It just opened.  Five of us went for dinner or well we called it Happy Hour.  It was fun. I hate that I can never get people to do that. Now they claim it is fun and they'd do it again but I think that is just because I'm leaving.  Since they just opened, service was super slow. I didn't mind because that kind of forced people to stay there talking. The slower the service was the longer everyone would talk to me. I liked that.  We got there around 6:45 and left around 8:45.  The food was good though. Dave would go back. Oh Dave was also at this dinner. Usually with friends he doesn't go out so they were shocked to see him. They enjoyed it. He's funny and they like that.
We got home and started to watch TV for a little break then we were going to clean. Or that's what I thought anyway. Dave fell asleep around 9 on the couch. I spent some time cleaning and thought I should just go to bed at 10 and not care but then I couldn't bring myself to do that and just kept getting mad.  I cleaned a little and then played Solitaire in bed. Boy was I mad. I emailed Dave about how I was mad so he knew. He was sleeping after all so I couldn't yell at him.

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