Thursday, June 14, 2012

Work Emails

I've posted about work emails a few times. Well this will be my last Westinghouse emails post but maybe I'll make graphs at a new job. I can start at 0 for them all instead of starting high. At least I ended with fewer emails than my maximum.
The 2012 graph is easier to see. You can tell days or times when I was really working on sorting and I'd go down. Also the slope the emails increases shows how I worked on them as I went too.   Not only did I keep track of emails in my inbox but I also kept track of unread emails.
The key with unread emails is that I did end with 0. I did that by marking all the emails as read that I forwarded off to my  new backups. I think I only sent ~20 to them though. 
I also kept track of emails marked for follow-up. I just dragged a ton over to new emails and sent it off to my new backups. I did realize I had a few that were flagged but that I had completed. Also some were dealing with trainings that I didn't have to do anymore so I unflagged those. I probably only sent 20-30 again to my new backups.  Not too bad.

It might seem bad that I sent about 50 to my new backups but compared to what I did have and how I got over 50 emails on my last day alone, I think it wasn't that bad at all. I spent a lot of extra hours.  The night before my last day of work I spent 2 hours at home doing more emails and handling the stuff so I didn't have to pass it over.   I also think it's good I forwarded things instead of just dropping them and leaving work.

Have you ever left a job?  How did you handle your emails or your other work in progress?

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