Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Work Emails

I love data.  I wrote about my work emails before.

Here are 2 of my updated graphs.  I try really hard everyday to sort/delete emails as they come in. I also try to read them all. I currently have 104 unread emails. The more unread emails the more stress. The last time I had 0 unread emails was December 14.

I have to change the scale almost daily for new maximums in my emails in my inbox graph.
Since I hate unread emails, sometimes I read an email and flag it. But then I get too many of those and then I can't keep up either. Flagged emails = stress. Daily I quickly look at my flagged email folder to see if I have done some of them or if they are no longer needed so I can unflag them. Too many of them are still required.  I think I need a vacation from getting emails so I can try to catch up.
A few times coworkers have seen my excel file where I document this and have a bunch of graphs. I have gotten a few weird comments. One was "sometimes I worry about you" when they saw my excel for fun file. I'm off work this Friday and am going to try to spend 2 hours handling emails.  Usually on a weekend, I can spend 3 or so hours and get through a good chunk.   I will start with the unread emails then I will go to the flagged emails.  I wonder how far I will get.

I love data.  What would you graph {if you were to graph something}to show how good/bad you are doing in your work?

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