Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Progress - Main Bath

The bathroom has been "done" for awhile now but I just never typed this up.  The bathroom started empty on June 24 just like the master bath.  I might try to do these progress pictures for all rooms.  I randomly take pictures a lot but am not specifically taking any rooms or angles so that might not work in the end. 
This was July 3 before I started unpacking. There is a lot on the sink area that you cannot see here but I did not get a picture. 

The first place I started to unpack was actually this bathroom. As you can see on July 3, I got rid of most of the boxes but just had junk stacked all around everywhere. 
Later on July 3, I went to get Poly so I got her litter box ready. I figured it could temporarily go in the only clean floor space in the apartment.  Note the boxes in the tub. I figured if I broke down small boxes the best place for them was in the tub so they would be out of my way.
Apparently I was a real slacker at taking bathroom photos but I did take one on July 7.  The deep fryer was in the kitchen area but we are moving it to storage so it just got moved to the bathroom.  You can kind of see the corner of the sink area and see that there are a lot of things on there.
On July 11, there was still some junk on the counter but I mainly cleaned up the floor.  At this point we still do not have the power cord for Poly's litter box so I have to manually scoop it.
I'd like to now point out that done does not involve a shower curtain, does include a cord being draped across the floor to get to the litter box, includes a bunch of boxes still in the tub.  I guess I'll have to take another picture at some point.
I had no real motivation to finish this bathroom because Poly's bed blocks the door so you can't close it. Poly loves her bed there. I tried to move her bed out of the way and she never goes into it. Then I moved her bed back and she slept in it. 
And almost out of the way but still in the way.

What do you think? That cord is your favorite part isn't it?  I don't even know why we have 2 open containers of Q-tips. I should take a picture of the medicine cabinet too. That entire thing is filled with medicine. Before we'd have medicine upstairs in the baster bathroom and also have some downstairs in the kitchen.  We ended up with doubles sometimes because we weren't thinking we had two spots medicine could be.

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