Thursday, October 4, 2012


The fire alarm woke me up. It ended up being nothing but it was still annoying.  I probably watched TV the rest of the day.
When I was complaining to Dave about the fire alarm he made this meme for me.
I had 4 pieces of birthday cake throughout the day. I'm pretty sure that was my "excitement" for the day. I did go to the gym and lift weights.


  1. Yay for going to the gym! What weights are you doing now? I'm basically back to the start from losing so many weeks at the gym.

    Oh so I finally tried the sauna at work. It is awesome and makes my legs hurt less - well, it seems to.

    1. I'm limited by the machines and being so out of shape. But on Monday on the machines I did chest press, overhead press, lat pull down, and row. They also have a butterfly machine but it's missing the padded part so I avoided using it. Then I did bicep curls. I also did dips using the bench. I did 3 sets of the machines but think I only did 2 of biceps and only 1 of the dips. I was getting weak/slightly lightheaded. I did 15 lb on the curls which is what I did before but I only did 8 and I used to do 12 or 15 each set. All the other machines I've had to back down on because I'm losing all my muscles. Hopefully I can build back up quickly.

    2. I forgot. I also did lateral raises and deltoid raises with the free weights.

    3. I like machines better, and the butterfly is my favorite (helps me work out my boob-holding muscles). Make sure you stay hydrated!

      Sounds awesome though. Glad to see you getting back into it! :D

    4. Well the machine only does fly and not reverse fly so that annoys me.

      Sometimes free weights are better. It depends. But I wish the gym had barbells. Some things are better with barbells.

    5. Aw, that sucks!

      I hit myself in the face with free weights. Skills, I have them. :P