Wednesday, October 3, 2012


For days I'd been saying I'd reward myself with donuts in the morning if I woke up at a normal time but then I didn't feel like 1 day was worth the reward and I felt lazy.  Well I finally went on the 28th but didn't go until closer to 11AM. They were out of the kinds I wanted. I got a dozen anyway since some that they had are kinds I like. The guy threw in an extra donut for me.  I ate one donut and was already full. Those donuts are so big. Every few hours I'd eat another one.  I kept wanting just a few bites and not the entire donut. I must be getting old.

I watched TV a lot but also did things on my computer.

Poly watched TV with me.  She especially likes to cuddle with me at night.


  1. Donuts work for me. :)
    I go to Shoppers sometimes and they have really big donuts. Good too.

    1. I still want to go back and get some of the old fashioned kind.

  2. Replies
    1. That was my exact thought as I was walking to the car.