Sunday, October 21, 2012

Long Run (That wasn't long) 10.21

I ran somewhere new today. Hilary picked me up so I wouldn't have to find it on my own. There were hills involved. Granted they were overpasses. Some were pretty scary. My fear of heights kicked in.

We started out way too fast.  I didn't feel as dead as I expected.  It was my longest run in over 1.5 months.  I thought 4 miles was a good goal but Hilary has been running a lot further so when she asked me how far I wanted to run I said 4-5 miles.  She thought that meant I wanted to run 5 miles.   We ran 2.5 miles out and turned around.

After 3.75 miles we walked for .25. Then we ran for .5, walked for .25 then ran the last bit.  I kept my timer running the entire way.  We walked because Hilary's allergies were bothering her but I didn't mind. I thought I might die if we ran the entire thing.

I'm surprised our pace was so good considering the walking.  I was trying to explain the Galloway method to Hilary. I told her we are going to try it out for a long run.  Walking before you are dead is really helpful and you can go much further.  Every time I'm way out of shape, I use the method for my first pretty long run and it helps build my confidence. I am in need of that right now.  

Today would have been the 5k or 10k that I wanted to run. Based on past years I would have placed in my age group and if I didn't become a slacker since the beginning of September, I might have even placed overall for females. Ugh. Maybe next time I'll do it.

I liked the trail because it was in the shade about half the time.  I didn't like some of the overpasses because of my fear of heights.  This one bridge was even wood and you could feel the give in all the boards. I did not like that.


  1. Super job with the run after the lay off.

    1. Thanks. I have been running but barely but have been slacking at blogging about it.

  2. just wonering an hoping if you sold your used pantyhose,would pay good prices xxxx