Friday, January 25, 2013


For some reason I didn't hit snooze and I just turned my alarm off. Then I ended up sleeping until after 11. I stayed in bed until 1. Poly hung out with me.  I was productive a little. I finally ate lunch at 3.
I cleaned up some but apparently I just took before pictures. Look at this mess. It just makes me want to throw up looking at it.
I took photos of my recent purchases and as soon as I unwrapped my necklaces Poly jumped right up onto the tissue paper. She napped there for awhile. I decided to take pictures of my dress thing that holds jewelry. I still have a jewelry box. I didn't move everything over. I also still use my bulletin board with push pins in it with necklaces hanging off of that.
I managed to go for my run at 4:30. I had to get out the door to get the 5 mile run in before dark. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I got back. loaded data, showered, and cooked dinner.  Dave and I watched Person of Interest then he spent a few hours teaching me about coding stuff.

We went to our computers and I did a little stuff. I got tired. I went into bed and watched TV on my iPad. Then 4 hours later, I was still watching in bed.

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