Thursday, January 24, 2013

1.22 and 1.23

The day started with the claims guy calling to say he was here. I was still in bed.  He was early. He thought he was late so apparently the lady who scheduled it didn't tell him the correct time.  This was so the guy could come over to look at the damaged stuff from when we moved.

Then I watched TV all day besides when I went to Body Pump. I stayed up until 7am watching TV. I finished watching Dirty Sexy Money and started The Lying Game. I was just putting down my iPad when Dave's alarm went off. I slept for less than an hour and started watching again. I caught up on the series so now I have to wait more new episodes to air.  It's a good show.
I took a little nap then watched other shows until Dave got home. Then we watched TV.  Around 11, we went into bed. I played games on my iPad until about midnight. I finally went to sleep at a decent hour.

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