Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Boots: DSW, Shirt: VS, Jeans: JCP, Earrings: Target, Necklace: Gifted 
I woke up and went to my computer and started entering some clothes. I finally got in the mood again.  I hear Dave making noise in the kitchen and figure he's just making hash browns. I used to love hash browns but he's made them too often that I can't even get through 2 bites anymore so I don't even get any. Well next thing I know, I'm being surprised with french toast.
Dave was reading and Poly just got directly in his way.  I had to take their picture and Dave's iPhone is so fast I just had to take a ton of pictures right in a row.
After a little bit, we headed to the bike shop.  We bought bikes.  It took forever.  We went to Boston Market at 3 PM.  After that we came home quick to get hoodies and went to the trail near Google to further try out our bikes. I'm still scared. Dave's seat is too high. They raised it to fit his back reflector on. He has to figure something out about that.  We did a little over 4 miles. It wasn't so bad. We stopped a lot so my imapmyrun thing got all messed up.

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After we got home, I wanted to nap under an afghan.  Instead I just got under an afghan. We got PF Changs for dinner.  So we bought chicken 2 days ago at Whole Foods and haven't cooked it but have had chicken twice since.
We watched some TV.  We tried to watch a movie but neither of us cared about it so we fast forwarded to the end and watched that. I played Donut Popping while watching TV and the movie.  Then I came to my computer room and started entering more clothes again.  Now I have gone from present all the way back to June 1, 2009. That's a lot. It gets harder the further I go back because the picture quality is poor that is is hard to decipher what shoes I'm wearing.

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