Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I was supposed to run with Hilary in the morning.  We were playing it by ear and weren't sure when we'd go. We wanted to sleep in and wanted to avoid the rain.  Well we both ended up saying up in bed long. Hilary wanted to go to Body Combat instead of run. I didn't want to go.  She went to Body Combat and I took a roundabout way and ran to the gym then lifted weights.  She came over and talked to me after class.  I probably spent a good 20 minutes talking to her.  Excluding that time, I spent 40 minutes lifting.  I ran home. I didn't run directly home but still had to run a little past the apartment to get to a round number.
After I got back, I looked at some data online, made a hot pocket, and then helped install our bike rack on our car.  Then we headed to the trails to bike. We only did a little over 3 miles today.  I wanted to run versus bike. Dave was debating another loop but we decided against it.
We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.   I wasn't even full but Dave was done forever and kept giving me a hard time about being ready to leave.
After we got home, I did a little more updating of graphs and started falling asleep so I went to the couch to watch some TV. I played Donut Popping and watched Property Brothers.
Then I started a new TV series, Melissa & Joey. I ended up staying up until almost 5am watching it.

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