Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 3 (Part 2) Half Marathon Training (12.24-12.30)

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Really I should be on Week 4 but I missed 1 run in week 2 and 2 in week 3 and did 1 in week 4. So I think I will just go down the list doing the runs and get as many as possible instead of missing runs and going on to the next week.

Planned Mileage: 2, 5, 2, 8 (for a total of 17 miles)

Monday: I walked to Trader Joe's and later did a 1.8 mile walk with Dave.

Tuesday: I'm pretty sure I did nothing. (It was Christmas.)

Wednesday:  I walked to Target. Later I walked to Trader Joe's.

Thursday: I shopped for a few hours. I walked at Google for a bit. I did a 20 minute weight routine.

Friday: I ran 3 miles at 4:30 PM. Earlier in the day Dave and I went to Bay Trail and I ran a little over half mile. I got some really good pictures but haven't even gone through to pick my favorites. There were just too many good ones that I can't decide.  I also did 10 minutes of weights/abs but that got interrupted because Dave wanted to go for a walk. We went for an 11 minute walk.

Saturday: Dave and I biked at trails. The trails were near Google but also near Bay Trails. We biked 4.33 miles. It was my first time biking in many many years. It was scary.

Sunday: We biked to and from Target.

Total Running Mileage: 3.98 mi
Total Biking Mileage: 6 (rounded) mi
Total other things: a few walks (lots?), biking,  2 core workouts, weights twice.

Summary: My running sucked but I did other things. I am going to try to keep track on my Garmin my biking miles so maybe I'll post those on here too.

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