Friday, February 8, 2013

2.2 - Alcatraz

Boots: DSW, Jeans: JCP, Sweater: Express, Scarf, NY&Co, Earrings: Target, 
Jacket: Armani Exchange, Purse: JCP 
We decided to drive to San Francisco instead of taking the train because the timing would have been off.  We ate at the Eagle Cafe for breakfast. That place is good.

Then we headed to Alcatraz. It was all the same as last time but the weather was better this time. I got a lot better pictures outside.  Also this time my phone has a panoramic feature so I could take some cool shots.
We went back to Pier 39 to take some pictures of the Sea Lions.  We headed right home after. Dave had wanted to go to Boudin's. I thought we'd go to the Golden Gate Bridge for some nice pictures but we didn't.
At home we watched Property Brothers. We hung out. We got Boudin's. They were out of their normal sourdough. How does a place that is famous for bread always run out of loaves of bread?
We had some birthday cake for Brie.  It wasn't just 1 cake but 4 cakes. I bought 4 different kinds of the 1 piece containers. The 1 piece containers would be a huge piece. We cut up each piece and still had leftovers.

Our meals were all at weird times so we had a really late dinner.  We had hot dogs and salad.
Before bed Poly had a little photo shoot.


  1. I'm sorry we didn't do Golden Gate or the pier Boudin's. Having homework on vacation is stupid. :(

    I look really tubby in the photos, it makes me a little sad.

    Thank you so much for posting! I hope you did have fun while we were there. Thanks again for having us over and showing us around!

    1. Homework is always getting in the way.

      I think coats can be unflattering. Based on different daily photos my white coat looks so much better on me in a photo if I zip it up. If it's unzipped it's so loose and you think I'm wider than I am. I bet that is one factor. When I take pictures with other people I always forget photographing tricks like standing on an angle.

      I have more photos. I had to be selective for the post.