Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Sweater: Limited, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Limited
Poly hung out with me in bed and on the couch.
My new BodyMedia fit arrived.  This time I got the core. It is smaller but I noticed the Velcro is stiffer than my old one. The old packaging was much better. It was just in a box and now it was in these stupid plastic things you can't cut.  The old and the new charging cords are different too. I guess I won't have a charger per room now.
Poly hung out with me again on the couch and at my computer.  Some days she hides under the bed and others she hangs out with me. I prefer when she hangs out with me.  I also like to use her as an excuse as to why I don't get up.

I went running with Hilary.  I went to Trader Joe's twice. Once on my own and once with Dave. Each time we used coupons for free bags.  The new Trader Joe's opened near us. This one we can see from our apartment. Trader Joe's used to be right next to our apartment complex on the other side so now instead of it being about .25 away it's probably .15.
After dinner, Dave and I went to the gym. Every time I lift weights, I document in it on my phone. I took a screen shot to show how I do it. I should get an app of some sort. It'd be easier than adjusting weight, reps, and sets. I would love it if I could do them in order since I copy the previous time's data but the gym is always so busy I never can do them in the same order.  Sometimes I put dashes before all exercises and then when I do them that day I delete the dash but it is so hard to select text right at the beginning of a line that I waste so much time doing it.

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