Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 Pants and Top: VS, Shoes: Aldo, Jewelry: Target
I hit snooze a lot and finally woke up at 10. I watched TV all day. I even watched TV when I ate lunch.
I finally went for a run at 4:45 PM. I almost went at 3 but it was 66 degrees and sunny so I watched another show.
Dave and I went to In N Out for dinner.  My burger was so pink that I actually went back up to the counter and asked for a fully cooked one. Then we watched American Idol.  I watched Carrie Diaries after that. I did some Donut Popping. I don't know if you ever noticed but all the screen shots I take at the end of games show that I could have easily not died if I would have just used one of the many stars that I had. The screen shot above is an example of that.  I would have just had to use a star on the right and one on the left and I would have been good to keep going.

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