Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I kept hitting snooze even though I had a tough time sleeping past 8am. I could hear a ton of construction going on. Later I realized it is because they are redoing the apartment directly below us so it has new everything.  I finally got up around 10.

I got dressed and headed for my MRI. They took me in before my appointment time. After years of getting MRIs I figured they would call me in an hour or so late. I took my iPad and a book expecting to be called in late. I wasn't. It was nice to have everything done on-time.  Most of the time they put a blanket over my body/legs during the MRI just so I don't get cold. They didn't do that today and I wish they had. I was pretty cold. I've noticed that most of the time I'm not told to remove my shoes but today I was. A few times I got MRIs they put a pillow under my legs at the knee just to make it more comfortable to lie still but here they did not.  I also remember them wedging my head in so it would be tough to move but today they had barely had any support if any at all and I was just told to be still. When I was young, they would put tape over the sponge things and my forehead to keep me in place.   This is the first time I remember them moving me back and forward a few inches between each of the tests. They may have done it in the past and I just didn't notice. I felt fatter today because when they'd move me, my arms would be rubbing against things on the side.
After I got home, I ate leftover tuna noodle casserole. I couldn't figure out what to watch so I chose Biggest Loser. I ended up watching 3 episodes. I did break down boxes and put together an Ikea table while I was watching. I also partially went through our food in the cupboards to see what junk was expired.
View from the top of the hill

I went to run with Hilary at 5:15.  After I got home, I immediately showered. Then I ate more leftover tuna noodle casserole. We watched some of Rachel Maddow and some of American Idol.  I did some laundry and worked on some things on my to-do list at my computer.  I almost caught up on making collages of all the dates in January. I skipped 2 because  I took too many pictures and didn't feel like spending the time narrowing them down.  I have 17 draft posts and 10 scheduled posts.

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