Saturday, August 3, 2013

19 Weeks (August 3)

I made my next doctor appointment this week. Since none of the 16 doctors in the practice have reasonable hours, I'm having my appointment with a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant or something. I was able to get an 8:15 appointment so I'll be about 2 hours late to class.

We also had an ultrasound.  It was quite exciting. We were told our baby weighs 11 oz. According to my pregnancy app the baby should weigh about 7 oz. That seems like a big difference. Some measurements they had the baby at 19 weeks 5 days versus 19 weeks 0 days. I think this is just going to be a big baby.   We learned we're having a girl. It's quite exciting.

Since I'm so tired you will have to pretend you got a brand new collage of pictures.
I have recently discovered that every weekend after this weekend I will have to be on campus to work on group projects for Dev Bootcamp so I have to do my registry tomorrow or never get it done. What fun. (That "what fun" is sarcastic because oh the pressure of only having 1 day to choose.)

Size of baby: Mango, 5.5-6 inches long from crown to rump. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  0.3 lb gain overall. I lost .3 in the past week.  I did have higher numbers. I think going to sleep on Friday without a second dinner caused me to lose a lb. During the week I did gain 3 lbs in 3 days.

Maternity Clothes:  6 days out of 7 I wore maternity jeans and the other day I wore pre-pregnancy jeans + belly band. Probably wore maternity shirts 4 or 5 days this week. I like that maternity shirts are longer. I hate how normal shirts don't fully cover the band on the maternity jeans. I also dislike how the maternity jeans practically fall off me. 

Gender: Girl!

Movement: I felt movement 2 or 3 times this week.

Sleep: The same exact as last week. I have been sleeping on the train a little more this week. But I've been working less!
My lack of sleep is not baby related. I'm so exhausted this past week. I slept about 6 hours a night with adjusting to Dev Bootcamp and 4 hours traveling a day!

What I miss: Being able to exercise the way I used to.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Getting lightheaded a few times. Not being able to stand for a long time. If I walk a long ways, I end up having to slow down because of pain in my belly.

Best moment this week:  The ultrasound.

Looking forward to: Getting more sleep. But I probably should have something else that I'm looking forward to, too.

Exercise:  In addition to what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks, 3 days this week I walked to the train station after class. That takes about a half hour. A few days I walked in the morning and had Dave pick me up after work versus biking. I walked to restaurants twice at lunch too. So even with getting picked up after work twice I exercised a lot more this week. I did only go to yoga once since my assessment time conflicted.


  1. Lots of excitement - little bugger is getting big!

    How is napping on the train, not too scary?

    1. The train is less scary than the bus. But that could all just be in my head. I'm always just afraid I'll sleep on the way home and pass my stop.

  2. Ultrasound pictures kind of look like aliens. And by that I mean awww cute.

    So excited you know she's a girl! She's going to be a beast like you and run circles around me.

    1. Come July or so we will have to go running with a jogging stroller. But by that point my "running" will be like 13 minute miles or something.

  3. Awwww....I love pregnancy updates. Congrats on your baby girl!

    1. Thanks. I feel like I had more to say and then when it came to the time to finally post I was so tired and forgot to mention or forgot in general so many things.

  4. I love the ultrasound pictures! This is so exciting!

    1. We actually got 11 pictures. I just only posted 2. But they take a lot more. Dave said I should have just asked for all of them.