Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 5 Day 3

I've been so tired. I think I'm going to bed at 10 but I bet I won't be able to fall asleep. The exhausting is starting to take over my ability to think even sometimes past 6 pm. I want to work more tonight and have fun making our web apps but I just need some sleep.

Today I used ajax for the first time. It went well because I was paired with someone already really good at it. I drove* so at least I got used to typing instead of thinking I understood and instead of following along and later realizing I didn't absorb any of it.  The last program we did together was cloning hacker news. We had a main page that listed all the posts with username. You can click on a post and view all the comments or add a comment. You can add a post from the main page. You can also log-in or sign-up. We used sessions so you don't have to resign in on your computer. It was a lot of steps but we broke it down so it wasn't so bad.  We wrote 2 other programs before that but it's already been too long to remember what they were.

I was about to work on this portfolio challenge about simon says but I can't even gather what the problem is asking in my sleepy state so I'll save that for later.

*In pairing there is driving and navigating. The person driving types.

BTW I'm looking quite pregnant now. Probably how I ate 3/4 of a large pan Pizza Hut pizza for dinner plus cookies has something to do with that.

Dev Bootcamp is quite interesting and fun.


  1. I feel so sorry for you. The commute compounds the exhaustion and frustration.

    Today I spent about twelve hours coding and finally felt like I was making progress, once I decided not to follow their directions where I had to sift through and pull out all their bloated code. I did things my way, using my own coding and things came together quickly. Now it's getting fun.

  2. The commute is so awful. I wonder how bad everything would be if I was like some people and a 15 min walk away. When one guy heard me complaining about my 2 hour commute, he said he better quit complaining about his 15 minute walk.

    Sounds like you figured out the website and that's always fun.