Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Shower (10-12-13)

Over a week ago, my mom threw a baby shower for me back in PA. I was there for a week after the shower so I didn't make time to write about it. A few people helped my mom too. (I had thank you cards for them that I left at home and still haven't mailed since I figured I'll just mail them at the same time as I mail all the thank you cards for the shower.)  I'm pretty sure my mom bought so many prizes because she had so much fun going shopping with her friend, Kris, for them all.

I was pretty nervous. I didn't have a bridal shower. At our wedding when we were cutting the cake, we both bolted right after we fed each other a bite because we couldn't handle so many people looking at us. I don't think I handle being the center of attention well. I was stressing out about people staring at me as I opened gifts and stressing out about greeting everyone. I'm fine in a small group but just talking while so many looked was stressing me out. There were 25 people there and I've spoken in front of groups bigger than that many times but this time it wasn't that I was teaching or explaining something but had to say something.

The shower was at Rodney's. We originally wanted it somewhere else, but they were booked. Since we didn't have 40 people, we were in a partitioned part of their main dining room versus the back room.
My mom had purple place-mats. Numerous people asked if we were decorating the baby room in purple. Our bedroom walls are pink and we do have pastels so purple is involved, but really purple is my favorite color so I bet my mom picked purple for that reason. Judy made the favors for everyone. Aren't those little chocolate bottle lollipops cute? Judy ended up getting sick and was unable to make it to the shower.  Judy also made white and pink heart candies for on the tables.
My mom made place cards for people that helped the servers. They were color coded based on which food choice everyone ordered. It helps the servers out but also some people might like all the choices so then they forget what they order. This way they don't have to remember.  There were 2 long tables set up but also some booths. There were more settings than we'd have people. I think my mom requested that so as I walked around to talk to people, I would have a seat to sit in. I did talk and socializing standing but got to sit a good amount. I'm glad I did or I would have gotten so light headed.
My parents ordered the cake and didn't know what the decorations would be. Who knew I'd match the cake so well. The cake was pumpkin with a cream cheese icing. It was good. I ate 2 pieces. My mom kindly gave me her piece. My initial piece was a corner so I ended up leaving a ton of icing on the plate. I don't know how people can eat so much icing.  In the background of the pictures are gift bags my mom had with the prizes people would get.
Some attendees
We didn't play games. Instead people wrote parenting advice on an index  card and every couple presents/cards, my mom would pull and index card out and that person would win a prize. She has a lot of prizes and if someone didn't get a prize, then at the end they got to take a center piece candle. I'm not used to everyone getting something at a shower. Granted I've only been to a few in my life, but I have worked a ton over the years at Chesterfields.
Opening presents was a little odd at this shower since people shipped gifts to our house. Not everyone brought a card. We got a decent amount of gift cards.  We got some books along with gift cards. They can easily fit in a suitcase.  My aunt was disappointed she didn't get to buy a gift  when she saw a few gifts there so then a few days later when I saw her she gave me a bag with some cute clothes in it. I'm getting excited for the girl clothes, bows, and headbands. I'm not used to seeing girl stuff.
My mom crocheted and knitted a few things. It must have taken her forever. The little hats are just so cute. The dress or is it a jacket dress is the same pattern as one I had as a baby. I need to have her dig up a picture of me in it. I hope she took one. At least I was the 2nd kid and not the 3rd or I would know there's no picture of me in it.
Kris made a diaper cake. I was shocked how much is in those. I never saw one up close before.  I took a picture of everything as I disassembled it but it ended up blurry so I took a new one at home. I did not include all the diapers but look at everything that was hidden in the cake.
The shower was over in record time since there weren't many real presents to open. It started at 1 and actually there were lots of delays with the food being delivered and the cake being delivered and yet we were done by 2:45. I forced some people to take pictures before we left.  Dave showed up at 3. I think my mom thought that we would still be opening gifts but instead we were done so he didn't know what to do. I told him to sit down and talk to people he knew. Then he got disappointed that they left shortly thereafter. He just got there so barely got to socialize.

I talked to everyone a little but wish I had more time to talk to everyone. I'm so glad that so many were able to make it out. I'm sad that a few got sick. I think there were 3 out sick. Well I'm sad they got sick but glad they had the courtesy to not show up and get me sick.  Seeing everyone just made me realize how much I miss everyone.

I didn't post all the pictures. You can view them on my picasa.

Photo Credits: Lori Sherbondy (all the pictures that are square), I took some of the room, and different friends shared other photos.


  1. What a nice shower. I remember thinking the same thing about the diaper cake. It was so fun to unwrap, even though it was super time consuming. I loved finding all the hidden gifts. Your mom did a great job with the crochet hat and outfit. They're adorable!

    1. It was so time consuming. All the rubber bands on all the diapers! Imagine how long they take to make! I remember finding the spoons sticking out of the diapers and thinking how hidden they were.

      I can't wait to see how the leg warmers + hats work out. My mom was saying she didn't know if the baby would have legs like mine or normal legs. (maybe not quite phrased that way)

  2. Colleen, I love that picture of you with the cake.