Sunday, November 10, 2013

33 Weeks (11.9)

Sorry this is late. I took my picture a day early and then traveled.  I didn't have time to add my 33 week picture to the collage so it is separate. I have a few but we'll just put one here. At least I got some cropped before I left.   For a few weeks I was able to look down and tell I was getting bigger now but it all seems the same until I take look at pictures.

I had a doctor appointment and the fundal height measurement was right on target.  I also lost 2 lbs since my last dr visit. I was sick and actually lost 4 but I had put on some before losing weight. The doctor didn't mention a thing about the weight. Between my previous 2 appointments I had a lot of weight gain too. I'm back to being in the normal range for weight gain versus having gained too much.

We had our first birthing class. Dave said he knew labor would suck for me but now he learned it will suck for him too. He also didn't realize it was as long as they are saying.  For the last 10 min of class, we were supposed to practice breathing techniques but I couldn't or I would cough up a storm.  For birthing classes we signed up for the 3 week 3 hour class. By the end I guess we'll learn 9 hours of fun. Well our last class we get done early and that includes the tour of the hospital. 

Size of baby: Pineapple, 17.2 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 4.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  24.8 lb gain overall. I lost 2 in the past week. I was quite sick. The weight measurement is also a day early but I don't have one from the correct day.

Maternity Clothes:  Same as previous weeks but I didn't really get dressed much so I was in yoga pants and a t-shirt or maternity shirt most of the time: Mostly. Some t-shirts and hoodies aren't maternity. I also sleep in my yoga pants that aren't maternity. I still wear some non maternity cami's because some maternity shirts are too see through and you can see that seams don't alone. I'm probably really stretching out those cami's

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Same write-up as the past 2 weeks  but with even more movement: The amount of movement is crazy. My entire belly will move too. But she only moves for a few seconds so by the time I tell people to watch my belly move, there is nothing for them to see.  

Sleep:  Sleeping was awful all week. My sore throat would wake me up. My back would be sore and I'd wake up and Poly would be on me. I did sleep on the couch since I was waking up so much to cough and Dave was still trying to sleep through the night. My back did hurt less with the couch than the bed. I also tried to make Poly sleep against my arm and body versus being on me. I'd nap throughout the day. I did have one night I only slept maximum 30 minutes at a time. 

What I miss: Exercising and running. Being able to stand for a long period of time without having to interrupt what I'm doing to go sit. Going many many hours in a row without going to the bathroom. The ability to have my legs crossed and slouch a lot. I know you aren't supposed to slouch in general but I always like to.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really.

Symptoms: My back has been sore during the day and night wasn't much of a recovery. I sit in a desk chair that doesn't recline and have a cat who tries to use my belly as a shelf and rubs her head on mine so I have to slouch but with no back support. I can't think of other symptoms. I haven't had heartburn which is what people have asked me about.

Best moment this week: I'm not sure. I was so sick. It was basically awful. 

Looking forward to:  Same as last week: Getting a rocking chair or recliner. Buying items remaining on the registry so we can finish getting ready.

Exercise:  I'm pretty sure the only "exercise" I had was walking around at the airport.


  1. So how long were they saying labor can go? I kept thinking 24 hours at least but if you count my early labor it was probably over 24 hours total. I kept questioning whether or not I was really in labor. It was completely different from what I thought it would be. Maybe I was just delusional. ;) Do the classes make you nervous?

    1. 24 hours is what they say but counting early labor. but the classes make me less nervous. I realize I know stuff. Also I realize other people seem to be really dumb based on questions asked. Sometimes questions are asked not even 1 minute after she exactly answered the question.

    2. Oh I was shocked to learn that 80% get an epidural. I thought it was much less based on all the blogs I read and how all of them really want to go without one or post about going without one.