Saturday, November 30, 2013

36 Weeks (11.30)

We got the postcard back that our pre-registration arrived at the hospital and they entered it in. This means we have less paperwork to fill out when we actually have to go to the hospital.

Dave and I did some shopping. We bought some clothes and blankets.  Carters had 50% off and then I had a 20% off coupon that we could use on top of that. We mainly stuck with new born and 3 month clothing but got some 6 months ones if I really liked them. I wanted to buy some cute dresses but Dave didn't want to yet.  We did buy some pants to go with all the onesies we have. I hope I can match. If I can't, I'll just claim Dave did it. We got a little coat. It's tough to buy in my mind because should I buy newborn or 3 month. Some babies are born bigger than newborn. Also for warm clothes, it's only cold here December and January so then if I have a smaller baby, I'd need warm newborn sizes but if I don't I need smaller 3 month sizes. Also if I have a small baby and buy 3 month warmer clothes, I might not ever need them.  Then everything should be pre-washed and I'd think that would be easier to do before you have a newborn you are trying to take care of but then if you pre-wash you can't return it.

Dave commented that this baby is already taking up all his free time. He was talking about all the shopping and assembling he's been doing.
Poly tried to lie on me but I wouldn't let her so here she is against my leg
I've continued to do exercises to try to get the baby to move into head down position.  They  never work. I have learned the beanbag is easier to get onto and off of than a stack of pillows.  I was doing the one where my knees are on the couch and elbows on the floor and the landlord walked in to the living room to ask a question. He didn't say a thing. Dave helped him with what he needed. I do more things than pictured above but either I didn't get any pictures of them or the ones I got aren't very good.
Size of baby: Coconut, 18.7 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 6 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  34.8. lb gain overall. I gained 3.3 in the past week. I sure gain 3x as much each week as I'm supposed to.

Maternity Clothes:  Same as previous weeks: Mostly. Some t-shirts and hoodies aren't maternity. I also sleep in my yoga pants that aren't maternity. 

Movement: I feel like there is a lot less movement this week. I also do the exercises I should do and the baby might move a little but not move to where she should go.

Sleep:  I've been waking up in the middle of the night so hot. I take off what's left of my covers and pull up my pants legs to my knees. Or I'm sleeping fine. My back sometimes hurts when I wake up. 

What I miss: somewhat the same: Exercising and running. Being able to stand for a long period of time without having to interrupt what I'm doing to go sit. Going many many hours in a row without going to the bathroom. 

Symptoms: The same I guess. I get lightheaded a bit after doing too much but I feel like the definition of "too much" is a lot more than it used to be. My back gets sore.

Best moment this week: buying cute baby clothes and creating a baby pool

Looking forward to:  actually having this baby.
some other angles from today.
Exercise:  Shopping. Cleaning (a lot). That's probably it. Unless you count the exercises to try to get this baby to turn.

Dave wanted to watch a movie and I told him I had to finish cropping my pictures and write my post. I said it'd take 15 minutes. It's been 1.5 hours. Oi.


  1. You're getting close!! I love the picture of you upside down and Poly trying to climb on you haha.

    PS: I changed my blog name and the new URL is

    1. You should see the pictures I didn't post of Poly getting all up in my grill when I do all of these. When my knees are on the couch and I'm going to bend forward she's in my way every single time. I have to push her out of the way. She also tries to climb on me when I'm doing the one with the beanbag (or with pillows).

      I guess it makes sense to update your blog URL. I probably won't update mine ever because I want to run and all the pictures and things are like a scrapbook in themselves so I figure it's all good.

    2. She just loves you! <3

      Yes I thought it was only right to change both the URL and name together. It would have bothered me otherwise. Hopefully it's not a hassle for you. Others have said they were having a few issues, so I just figured I'd warn you.

    3. I hadn't read blogs in a few days so I didn't notice. But I just added our new URL to my feedly and it's all good to go.