Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rocking Chair - Finally

Dave and I were looking for a rocking chair back when we ordered the crib but we didn't look too hard. I wish we had because more recently we were told that they take 12 weeks to come in just like we were told on the crib.  Last weekend we were looking at rockers and found one we liked. We were told it'd take 12 weeks to come in. I took a picture of the rocker and the tag but figured we'd have to keep looking. Then after I looked and looked I decided to do a little online search based on the tag of the rocker. Sure enough, I found it online.

The only trouble was there were 130 fabrics to choose from. I don't like so many options. I probably spent 2 hours looking and hating every moment of it. There were a ton of wood choices too but we knew we like dark wood so we picked the darkest one.

We got the Dutailier Great Value Modern Grand XL Glider from Nurture Center.  We splurged a bit but really you need a comfortable rocking chair. A requirement was the the back was high enough to support my shoulders and head. Most didn't even support my shoulders.  Another requirement was that the rocker couldn't be practically on the ground. So many were far too low that getting up out of them sucked. Also if  you weren't using a foot rest too much of your weight was on your butt and not your leg because your leg was too high in the air.

I was testing it out earlier with Poly. I was using my tripod. These aren't even all the pictures. Poly seemed to like it.
This is the chair we saw at BuyBuy Baby. It might be slightly wider/taller. I also don't remember the one at BuyBuy Baby having XL in the title but the tag could have been shortened anyway. There weren't any UPC codes or anything on their tag.

We asked about ordering it at the store and they said it would take 12 weeks to come in so we said to forget about it. Then I did some googling and found Nurture Center. I spent a few hours trying to figure out what fabric to pick. 130 fabrics is far too many.  The wood was easier even though there were a lot of choices. We like the darkest wood possible so that was easy.  I had picked a fabric. Then at the last second picked a different one.  The site said they ship things out right away but elsewhere they said with Dutailier they take longer.  Well I ordered the chair on Sunday. On Monday, someone from Nurture Center called me to say the fabric I chose wouldn't arrive until mid January but that a super similar fabric was ready to ship out right away. The super similar fabric was the original one I was going to order so I knew it and thought that was good enough. The one I ordered initially had a fabric grade of CD and the one we got has a grade of AB but otherwise they are basically the same and both microfiber.  Then Tuesday night the box arrived. After my Stampin' Up party, we put it together. Two days was a lot nicer than waiting two months.

The nursery is set up poorly because of half a wall taken up by a closet, part of another wall taken up by a closet door, part of a wall taken up by the entry door, and then an entire wall taken up by built-ins. There just isn't much to do so we're blocking the one closet a bit with this chair.

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