Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ella 2 Month Update

  • Weight: 10 lb 13.5 oz (I zeroed out the scale with a dress but not identical to what she was wearing. The scale was jumping between 13.5 and 14 oz but it stayed longer at 13.5 oz) - 36th percentile
  • Height: 23.5" - 89th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 15 inches (I'm awful at measuring this so it might be off) - 54th percentile
  • Diapers: Size 1
  • Clothing: She wore 0-3 month clothing. Some are still little big in the shoulders and too long.  Pants are too short that are 0-3 month but some that I have that say "3 months" are OK in length. The Gerber 0-3 month onesies are too short on her now. That's the size of the onesies in the pictures here and they were stretching at the snaps.
She has been sleeping a lot better this month and as the month went on she got better.  She has slept for 7 hours or more a few times. Usually that time starts when I'm eating dinner so I don't get to sleep quite that long but it is a lot better than the first month. 

She eats for between 2 and 4 hours a day but most closer to 2. She spends less time eating than she did last month. I've pumped and tried to give her bottles and Dave has. She's awful at taking them or won't. She might take some sips and that's it.
Sample Schedule:
She doesn't have a specific nap time or food time yet. Earlier this month I wrote specifics about my day. Basically she sleeps for a long period of time. She might sleep 5-7 hours. Then she will eat and go back to sleep for about 3. Then go back to sleep for 2.  She will be awake for maybe 2 then sleep again.  Then be awake for an hour or so. Then sleep.  During the day she is usually up for extended periods of time. For a good bit of that she will be yawning and want to go to sleep but not go to sleep.  I always do a tummy time during her first extended awake of the day. We take a walk during the second extended awake.  Certain things here or there disrupt the routine.  She's usually fussy during dinner and I can't eat without holding her.  About a week ago I had to be moving or she would cry. I would walk circles around the dining room table and take bites as I passed my food. 
Special Moments:
Maybe this is the opposite of special but she got her shots and cried a lot. She was crying before they started since we were at the appointment for so long.
She talks, coos, and stands more. She smiles more. She tries to talk. She recognizes us.

She sits against stuff now and can stay seated for a good while. I get a lot of pictures before she starts to topple. 
She will smile at us without us prompting but it doesn't happen that often. 
She makes a lot more new sounds.  
She likes to step with assistance. 
I fell like she always wants to be upright. She doesn't want to be held like what I think is a baby.   She's recently started to self sooth by sucking on her fingers or hands. She can't self soothe when sleeping since she still needs to be swaddled.  She really startles herself if not swaddled. 
Throughout the month she made it longer and longer in a bath without crying. Then she didn't cry at all. She just cried after I got her out and was trying to dry her. It might have worked better if I wasn't taking her out and fumbling getting her in her hooded towel.
Other Tidbits:
She loves it when she's swaddled. She can't sleep without it.
She likes to get her arms out of the swaddle just for fun.
She likes it when Dave sings to her. He really likes if he bounces her around while singing.
She likes holding her head up. 
She likes to sit sideways on my lap, lean against my body, and have me pat her back. I did this burping her and learned she likes it so I do it often.
She likes to stand with support.
She likes to sit.
She likes to be held.
She likes to talk and smile at us. She especially likes to try to say "hi."
She likes to look at herself in the mirror and likes to look at Dave.

She hates the act of swaddling her.
She doesn't like it bright or the sun. 
Sometimes she doesn't like tummy time.
She hates the pacifier.
She doesn't like taking a bottle.
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 9 hours 5 minutes 
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 16
Days with a sleep greater than 4 hours: 22
Diapers used (from Feb 1-20): 10.1 per day
Time spent nursing (from Feb 1-20): 165 minutes (2:45) per day
Time spent sleeping (from Feb 1-20): 15.4 hours per day 
My recovery
I can tell I had abdominal surgery when I go to run or workout. It's insane how I can feel my abs or lack of. I'm not having any pain anymore at all from surgery. My weight stopped going down. I eat horribly and go too many hours without eating. I still look pregnant.

Some pictures were taken at 2 months and 1 day since I missed daylight right at 2 months. The first 5 pictures in the post were on her actual 2 month day the rest were 2 months and 1 day.


  1. Aw she's so cute. Definitely getting a lot more alert and she holds her head up so well!

    As far as shots, if the doctor's office will let you and you're comfortable with it, you could nurse her during the shots. I wasn't comfortable doing that (and didn't ask) but I did nurse Neil right after. It gets harder as they get older; at least it did for me. This last time I had to keep from crying, I did have tears in my eyes. He had 5 shots so Dave held his legs and I held his arms, and I felt so mean. (This was the 12 month appointment.)

  2. I nursed Ella right after but just thought she was hungry not thinking of it for comfort.

    Ella had 3 this last time plus had to eat the 1 thing. 3 seemed bad enough.