Sunday, March 16, 2014


I'm always taking pictures with Dave holding Ella. They mostly look the same. His hair is almost always messed up. Ella always looks so small.
I gave Ella a bath. I meant to days earlier but somehow with my parents here, I would forget about it. I always have the washrag on her chest and rewet it to keep her warm. I covered the legs up right near the end and she seemed to like it. Then I took a picture. I can barely remember back how awful the first few baths were with her crying so much. She doesn't shed a tear now.
Since we were leaving the house to go to Boudin's for lunch, I put on one of Ella's dresses that she never wore. I got in on Amazon. It is so cute. I didn't get many good pictures of her in it though. Most of them are blurry.
My mom sat Ella at her piano for the first time. I was surprised how she liked it.
Even though this picture is a little blurry, I love it!

My dad woke up with a cold. I could tell it was killing him trying to keep his distance from Ella. My brothers always say how holding babies is one of his two favorite things.

There are more pictures!


  1. Your dad wants to know: what is his other favorite thing?

    1. I thought it was drinking beer. But football is up there

    2. Specifically yelling about it.

    3. But I'm going to amend that to include doing taxes.