Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ella was up a few times in the night again.
Then from 8-10 she slept on me. I decided that was for the best.
I put her in her bouncer while I did an ab workout for 7 minutes. She was starting to get fussy at 7 minutes so I stopped.

After another nap we went for a walk. We got outside and it wasn't raining but then started by the end of the driveway. I got an umbrella and we walked. Ella loved it because it wasn't sunny.  About 2 minutes from home I checked my weather app and it said the rain would end in 5 minutes. I guess I sure know how to pick when to walk. Earlier the app said 9 minutes so I believe it was pretty good.

We got back inside and Ella played with her piano. She didn't want to have any parts of tummy time after that.  Then I swaddled her and she was not fussy anymore. After a little snack she went to sleep.

I typed the above on the third and now I forget the rest of the day.  There are a lot more pictures
Poly wanted to cuddle with us.


  1. what weather app tells you if it's raining to the minute? i need that.

    1. Yup. It told me the other say rain would start in 2 minutes so we delayed the walk. Some days rain will last long so it doesn't give a time.