Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ella 3 Month Update

  • Weight: 12 lb 3 oz  - 51st percentile 
  • Height: 24.5" (I had a tough time getting a measurement because she wouldn't quit kicking and this length is shorter than the previous 3) - 89th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 15.5 inches (I also had trouble getting this) - 35th percentile
  • Diapers: Size 1
  • Clothing: Near the beginning of the month I broke out the Disney 3-6 month onesies when I realized they were smaller than the Steeler 0-3 month onesie that she has been wearing even though it was big. My mom got her pants that are size 6 months and they fit her great at the start of the month. Most other pants are still too short.  She continues to wear Disney 0-3 month onesies.  I have some outfits that are other brands that are 3 month and they are still entirely too wide for her.   

She slept for 10 hours straight a few times this month. Too bad it started prior to when I ate dinner so I didn't get to nearly sleep that long.  She has some nights that aren't good here and there but for the most part she is doing well. My definition of well is about 6 hours straight.  There have been a few times she goes to sleep so early for the night or I stay up too late that I end up waking her up to feed her so then I'm not only sleeping for an hour or two before I'm woken up. This throws off the fun facts data a bit though.
She eats for between 2 and 4 hours a day but most closer to 2. She spends less time eating than she did last month. I've pumped and tried to give her bottles and Dave has. She's awful at taking them or won't. She might take some sips and that's it. She did drink 1 oz once. I thought it was a breakthrough but it was not. Dave was starting to think she was hating him because he'd only see her for such a short time on the weekdays and most of that time he's trying to get her to take a bottle that she refuses.  I had a small stash in the freezer but then our freezer door was open for about a day and everything thawed so I had to throw the milk away. 
Sample Schedule:
She doesn't have a specific nap time or food time yet.  Basically she sleeps for a long period of time starting at 8 or 9 PM. She might sleep 7 hours or 10 hours. If she sleeps 7 she goes back to sleep for a couple. She then will be awake and play for about an hour. This time has been getting longer throughout the month. She eats after she wakes up and before she goes to sleep again. She will then nap for about an hour.  She will be awake and play and then go back to sleep but for maybe 20 minutes or maybe 40 minutes.  During her next awake time we usually go for a walk. She is up for more than an hour at a time pretty much every time she is awake. Sometimes she plays and is pleasant when awake. Other times she's so fussy and won't let me put her down to play. She might also seem tired but she sure won't go to sleep. Just more recently her nap around 5 PM is a little longer than the standard 40 minute naps she takes.  She wakes up again right when I want to eat, and she wants to eat and pig out. Sometimes she goes right to sleep after eating for a long time but other times it's a 2 hour battle. I always do a tummy time during her first play time of the day.  I try to do it on the next few too but it doesn't always happen on all of them.  Certain things here or there disrupt the routine.  She's usually fussy during dinner and I can't eat without holding her. But on a few occasions she was up during dinner but was content being on her play mat and giving us time to eat.  

Special Moments:
I can only think of rolling over as special moments this month. She rolled over on February 21 from front to back. I did touch her at one point but she was about to roll off the yoga mat. On February 28 she rolled over unassisted. (I'm not sure about counting the Feb 21 one since I touched her even though based on recent experience I don't think I actually helped her.)  I even got a few videos of it on March 17.
On March 4, Dave got Ella to sleep after a bottle for the first time. Just getting her to sleep was something I thought was a success since I always do it. Then the kid went and slept for 10 hours for the first time in her life. I think because she wore herself out crying for so long but still I can't believe she slept that long.
On March 10 she rolled over back to front for the first time. Then she did it about 7 more times. I got pictures of the first roll but no video.
On March 19 she rolled over back to front at 10 am and then front toback at 5:30 PM. I guess she decided to try both on the same day!
We each read her books for the first time this month. I'm excited for the books.
She smiles a lot more at me without being prompted
She recognizes us and will follow me when I walk around the room. 
She sits against stuff now and can stay seated for a good while. I get a lot of pictures before she starts to topple. 
She has made a few new sounds but I don't think there are that many.  
She self soothes by sucking on her fingers or hands. She still gets startled while sleeping so needs to be swaddled.
She has rolled over front to back and back to front on different days but then only did each on one other day.
She's laughed a little bit.
She started batting at toys this month and also transitioned to grabbing and holding the toys.
She's getting better at rotating. She rotates in the crib sometimes and often rotates on her play mats.
Her startle reflex is nowhere near as bad as it used to be but she still has it.
On February 28, she held the middle item on the bouncer for the first time. She also took a bottle and didn't even cry. Too bad it was only .3 oz.
She sat unassisted playing her piano for the first time on March 7 and has done it many times since.
She is getting better at sleeping through the night. Too bad most of them start before I eat dinner. (My definition of sleeping through the night means she doesn't wake up until 6:30 AM.)
Other Tidbits:
She likes to play a lot now! She just started playing at the beginning of the month and started more and more.
She loves it when she's swaddled. She can't sleep without it.
She likes to get her arms out of the swaddle just for fun.
She likes to stand with support.
She likes to sit. (She even sits at her piano and supports herself with the piano)
She likes to be held.
She likes to talk and smile at us. She especially likes to try to say "hi." She has started to do this less though. 
She likes to look at herself in the mirror and likes to look at Dave.
She likes to watch TV. She seems to especially like American Idol. We won't actually have her there watching it but she'll turn her head just to see. She also likes to watch Dave play WoW or Diablo. She loves the colors.
She likes to look in a mirror. She loves her toys with mirrors. She became much better in a car once she realized she could look in the mirror.

She doesn't like it bright or the sun. 
She hates the pacifier.
She doesn't like taking a bottle.
She doesn't like to be left alone.
She doesn't seem to like to have her fingernails trimmed because she moves so much when I try to do it. (Too bad she keeps scratching her face with her long nails.)
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 11 hours 2 minutes  (last month 9 hours and 5 minutes) 
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 26 (only missed it Feb 27 and 28 and Feb 27 I woke her up before I went to bed since the baby monitor wasn't working and she slept 3:56 that night at longest stretch but when I woke her up she only ate for a couple min before falling back to sleep)
Diapers used (from March 1-19): 11 per day (increase from last month)
Time spent nursing (from March 1-19): 145 minutes (2:25) per day (decrease from last month)
Time spent sleeping (from March 1-19): 15.6 hours per day  (increase  from last month)
My recovery
I can still tell I had abdominal surgery or was just pregnant when I go to run or workout. I am able to run further before I feel it now.  My weight didn't go down last month and it just finally started to again in the past week. I feel like I don't look as pregnant and I did last month but I'm also getting used to my squishy belly so it is hard to tell.  I still belong to 24 hour fitness but I never go since Ella still refuses a bottle. I could probably go in the evening after she goes to sleep but sometimes she wakes up an hour later and then goes to sleep for real after eating again.

I hit a new low today (3/20 since this will post late) so now I only have 11.3 lbs to go. Around my belly button I still have about 8 or so inches to get it down to "normal" but I haven't really measured around my belly button to know for sure. My waist is still about 5 inches larger than "normal" but maybe only 3 inches larger than I was before I got pregnant. I'm trying to find times I've taking my measurements over the years for a better comparison. My calf is 1 inch bigger than it was on 3/31/13. My hips are 2 3/4 and my thigh is 1 1/2 bigger now. 

During the second week of March I decided if I was going to walk with Ella we should walk 2 miles. She barely ever falls asleep before 1 mile anyway. Perhaps that is why my weight started to drop again. (Only about 2 lbs down so don't jump for joy yet.) But perhaps that is always why my foot is hurting the last few days and I've had to rest up.

Ella wanted a nap during our first photo shoot. Then the second photo shoot she still wasn't happy. The second one I put her in the bow.


  1. I love how Dave got her to sleep 10 hours. Guess he should be in charge of bed time from now on LOL. I know you don't want to leave her because she won't take a bottle, but maybe if you weren't there and she was forced to then she would do better? Just a thought. You might try it once just to see what happens.

    1. So far I just leave to other parts of the house. And the 10 hour time was more then 15 minutes of awful crying. I think Dave commented she ran out of tears.

  2. "She became much better in a car once she realized she could look in the mirror."

    Me too. That's why I like to sit behind the driver's seat now.

    1. Hahaha. I've heard a few times how she is like you. I knew you both liked mirrors but forgot about you and the car.

  3. I wrote a comment after work on the day you posted it, while sitting in my car after work before driving home. It took a long time to write, but I must have forgotten to post it, cuz I don't see it :-(
    I Love how you are fully documenting EVERYTHING from Ella's life, since your pregnancy, I'm sure she will enjoy reading all of the details when she gets a little older. It shouldn't be that much longer either, I taught her Daddy to read (and do simple addition and subtraction in his head) before pre-school! The teachers were amazed, but when you have a child as intelligent as Dave was, and that Ella already is, I see it in her eyes) They just 'get it'. I'm excited that you are both reading books to Ella already! That's Awesome!