Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Again these pictures are slightly out of order. I can't ever get them in the right order because I can't decipher camera times. This is really bothering me.

Mike was always working from the recliner and Ella was often helping.

Ella loved this Exersaucer. It had so many fun toys.

Ella is wearing my shoe!
just chilling

Ella liked Mike. She liked when he held her. He held her a lot but usually he did that when I was doing something else so there won't be that many pictures from the week.

We went to Brick House for lunch. It was more of a late lunch.  Ella didn't like her carrier. I also was not a fan of the high chair up-side-down. Ella got cranky so my dad walked her around. A table of ladies even called him over to talk to Ella. It was a nice diet for my dad. Instead of eating more pizza he walked around with Ella.

I got a pepperoni roll. I wasn't a big fan. It was very greasy and really cheesy.

My dad held Ella like he used to hold us. He also moved his arms so her head was close to the ground. My mom got mad about it. We all remember him doing that to us but I don't know if she got mad back then.

I tried to hold Ella like this and move her all around but my arms were so weak.

Ella not only loved the Exersaucer with how it should be used but she loved to stand on the outside of it.
I discovered she would stand herself. She played and stood. I was so impressed. I made Mike take this picture for proof. (As the week went on she did it more and more that it didn't even seem impressive by the end. I really wish we had an Exersaucer at home. The jumperoo doesn't accommodate her standing like this.)

My dad enjoyed feeding Ella and it sure looks looks like Ella enjoyed it too.
Ella spent a lot of time chilling out all over the floor. Usually someone was chilling with her. She enjoyed all the attention.

We did a hangout with Dave.

I know I slept horribly until about 6 AM. My schedule was off. It was also challenging to sleep in the same room as Ella. Ella was up a few times in the night. To be fair she's not used to the time zone.  There was probably a lot more too. For example in the morning I was holding Ella at the kitchen table and she pooped all over me. Also in the evening we tried to go to JCP and they closed 2 minutes earlier. Then we tried to go to Sam's Club and they were closed.  Then we went to Kohl's. Then we tried to go to the Bradley's to crash a yard party but after about 2 hours in a car Ella started crying so we drove right past their house and didn't crash. Ella just wanted some food and to go to sleep. I'm shocked she even lasted that long in the car.  (When we went to Kohl's, my mom stayed in the car with Ella.)


  1. It's too bad you couldn't take the exersaucer back on the plane with you.

  2. I look daily for that specific exersaucer on the craigslist nearest you. No luck yet. By the time I find one, she'll be too big to enjoy it.

    1. I'm glad you look. I look every few days and worry I missed one.