Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I woke up at 6. Ella didn't even wake up until 7:30. She slept about 11 and a half hours.  

She liked hanging out.
We all went to the doctors for my 9 am appointment. Dave and Ella stayed in the waiting room while I went in. (Ella watched the door to keep an eye on when I'd return.)
My doctor was out so a colleague took out the drain.  The drain was a tube wider than a fat straw. It was about 4 inches long. No wonder it hurt when he was taking it out. He also squeezed and pushed all around to make sure he got everything out.  The stitches were already in and he had to tie them.  Once he took off the brace, I asked to take a picture before he took the drain out. I am glad I did.

On our way home, we got stopped at Daily Donuts. Dave got me 3 donuts. We usually buy a dozen if we get donuts so this is a better step. Dave didn't even get himself any.  Ella fell asleep on the way home and then we put her carrier in the crib to be able to use the monitor. She slept about 2 hours total.

When she woke up, she wanted to be around me. We hung out a bit. She played on the couch next to me. When I nursed, I had Dave swaddle both arms so she wouldn't grab my neck. When I've held her, I've held her horizontally so she won't touch my neck. I miss her hugs and kisses.
We all went for a walk. Dave suggested going to Safeway so we did. But we also took a long way so I could show him house. That was all a mistake. It was a bit too much for me. I ran into a mom at the store. She recognized me. I have talked to her twice at mom group but forget her name. I'm the worst. (I attempted to look it up but pictures are too hard to tell for sure.)  Ella fell asleep on the way home. We moved her stroller into her room so we could use the monitor and left her there to sleep. She slept 2 hours.

As soon as she woke up, I fed her then we headed to the park for a meetup. It was nice and close. Ella was so happy to see the others. I learned that meetup they do is weekly. The one mom asked Ella if she was going to come every week and she said "yea" so clearly that the other mom laughed and said "you are?" It was great. Ella sometimes makes sounds that seem like words.  It was a small group. They were surprised how big Ella has gotten and complimented her eye lashes too.

I seem to have nursed Ella almost every hour tonight. I'm not sure if she's afraid she won't get me or what.  We watched some TV with Ella playing.

We ate dinner while Ella worked on eating a cucumber.

I thought Ella went to sleep for the night at 8:30 but she was up by 9. Then she didn't fall back to sleep until 10:30. I went to sleep right after that. Dave stayed up playing Minecraft.

Ella accidentally bumped my neck twice. They were very minor bumps to but it really really hurt. I have to be super careful.


  1. She's so cute reading with her daddy! Ollie likes to read with his daddy too.

    Hope your neck is feeling better!

    1. Most of the time I end up reading to Ella since I'm around all day but if I try to photograph it she stops paying attention to the book and pays attention to the camera.

  2. When do your stitches get to come out? That's too bad about not being able to snuggle Ella.