Friday, August 15, 2014

5.11: Mother's Day

I decided to coordinate with Ella. Well really I started with the skirt and had no idea what to wear with it and Ella had her outfit on so I wore pink. I love that we coordinate. I wish I could do this more.  Since it was Mother's Day and I got a new camera lens Dave was willing to take some pictures. But Ella was really tired so they weren't even that good. After her nap, I used the tripod and took more pictures outside. Ella is really good at looking at the camera when there aren't a million other distractions. (There are car distractions when we take pictures in the front yard but the backyard is basically distraction free.)  She needs to work on smiling for a camera on a tripod though. There were so many pictures, that I kept putting off this post. Now that it's months later, I can't remember what all we did. I'm pretty sure we didn't do anything fancy.
When Ella is tired she tries to eat me.

(For reference I weighed 145.1 at 8:26 AM on May 11 and I was 136.5 lb before I got pregnant and my old normal was 125-128 lb)
 Here are a few other pictures from the day too. You can also view the entire album.


  1. She already looks so much older now compared to back then.

    1. She does. She looks like she has so much less hair back in May. But from the day to do I don't notice.

  2. I don't know who is happier, you or Ella.