Tuesday, December 2, 2014


7:38 AM
Ella woke up at 6:45.  We played for awhile ourselves then my dad woke up. Then we played for another couple hours. Ella needed to eat and fell asleep and that's when my mom woke up.  Then after her short nap, we woke Dave up. Everyone misses out by not waking up. We tried to wake Dave up earlier but he said he was tired.
8:04 AM
8:04 AM
9:35 AM
9:57 AM
Dave and I gave Ella her first bath in a big tub. She had fun. Timmy had some bath toys for her so that was nice.  After her bath, we took her monthly photos. It's a shame we don't have the normal chair and the stuffed animal but it's nice to get pictures.  I wonder if there's even one picture of her with the sticker on. (I wrote this before I looked. There are a few with it on.) She really liked to eat it.

10:38 AM
10:38 AM
12:06 PM
We went to Haufbrahaus for lunch. Dave bought a cord at Best Buy on the way. We had to wake Ella up when we got to lunch. She stayed asleep almost the entire time I got her out of the car. I felt bad having to wake her up.
12:40 PM
12:52 PM
She had so much fun. She always seems to when she's eating. She wanted all of our food.

2:20 PM
On our way home we went to JCPenney. Dave got a hoodie and I got 2. Dave didn't pack one. I have been wanting one for awhile. I tried them on and put my cell phone in the pocket and moved all around to make sure the cell phone wouldn't fall out.  (Update: it falls out of 1 when I bend over which I didn't try to do there. The other has zippers and my phone won't fall out if I zip them.) Ella sure seemed like she'd fall asleep in the store. We were done just before she fell asleep but then she was wide awake in the car on the way home.    Then Connie came over. She didn't get there right away and I started to fear Ella would get tired.
3:17 PM
3 18 PM
3:21 PM

3:43 PM
I fed Ella and she had a 20 minute nap on me while Connie was here.  I tried to put her in the crib and when she woke up, I just took her downstairs. She was in tired mode for a bit. Then there was lots of playing.

3:45 PM
5:30 PM
6:44 PM
6:54 PM
We got Johnny's Wife's Place 2 for dinner. My dad went and picked it up. Ella tried to steal my sandwich then she took bites of it. Her bites were only the bread. I didn't finish eating but had to go fold clothes. Then while folding Dave came down with Ella because she wanted to go to bed.
7:02 PM
I nursed Ella and she went to sleep. Then we headed to Kerber's. I needed to get some Black Raspberry before I went home.   Most of us watched the Steeler game.


  1. Check out your arm muscle in the 9:57am picture!! Nice!

    1. Here I was thinking my arm looked deformed.

  2. We should have let Ella try the piano at our house, too!

    1. I didn't think of it. She could have slammed down keys sitting next to Neil!