Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10.31 Halloween

Ella woke up at 5:15. I knew Dave was sick or getting sick so I did not wake him up. He said he heard me later but I tried not to wake him.
I put in laundry, did dishes, swept part of the floor, and swiffered part of the floor all before 7:15 AM.
Dave woke up with his alarm at 7:20 and came to tell me he was staying home sick. I told him he could go back to sleep so he did.

I was thinking of running and I heard rain so then I just played with Ella. I didn't hear it anymore but it was probably stopped for a bit. I check my weather app and it says that the rain will start in 43 minutes. I still have about 5.5 miles to go for my October mileage goal (really 4.5 but I thought it was 5.5) so I figure I better go. I have to get ready. I check again and it says 31 minutes later. By the time I start my watch and go, I got 3.11 miles in before the rain. I timed it to be right near home. Dave is home sick so I figure he can watch her while I run 2 more. (Watching Ella just meant manning the baby monitor because she was still asleep.)  As I'm going up the porch I see that he says he's going in to work and taking the car. I quickly get the car seat out because of trick or treating later and maybe someone will give us a ride. He has to get to work though so won't wait for me to run 2 more miles. (I looked it up just now and need 1.51 miles.) A few minutes later I realize the small stroller is in the car so it might be tough to have someone give us a ride and fit an extra huge stroller in their car. Then a few minutes after that I realize Ella's costume is in the trunk of the car.

We played and hung out.

Ella mastered opening her dresser drawers.

Gio saved the day. At 1:30 we left to go trick-or-treating.  We went to the businesses in Los Altos.  Gio gave me a ride. We had to squeeze in. She also let Ella borrow Lily's tutu so she was a ballerina. Gio's sister went too so there were 5 of us.  It was pouring when I had to install the carseat in her car but when we got to trick or treating there was no rain at all.  We wore the kids so you couldn't even see the costumes. But we did sit them down for some photos at the end. We couldn't back up too much but I still got a lot of photos. I just put all photos at the bottom since there are so many.

I put Ella in her Steelers sleeper to see how it fit. It's size 2T. It fits perfectly in the legs. The torso is insanely long. The sleeves are insanely long. The feet are big. I can't imagine this fitting later.

Around 5:15, I thought Ella needed a nap. We went in and both fell asleep. At 6:45 Dave woke me up for trick-or-treating. He just picked Ella up off me and put her in the crib. She woke up and he told her to go to sleep. Then she did! This never works for me.  So she ended up going to sleep for the night. (She did wake up at 12:30 though.)  I thought she'd get to trick-or-treat to a few houses but I guess not.

Since I was napping, our porch light didn't get turned on until 6:45. Dave never turned it on.  A little after 9 I turned it off and we had 108 total kids.  I wanted to relax so I didn't leave the light on longer.  We took down our doorbell so it wouldn't be waking Ella. I had the front door open and kept an eye out.  We only bought 60 big bars. After the first 30 min, I knew we'd be running out so I mixed big bars and small in the  bowl and kids got a choice. There were a variety of kinds.  There were a couple kids that took more than one. I corrected everyone and most put back the 2nd. One mom corrected her son and he said "but I want lots of candy."


  1. Awww Ella makes such a cute little ballerina.

    I remember holding up bigger sized items and thinking the same thing - this will never fit! But they always do at some point. I still can't believe how big Parker's clothes are right now.

    1. Thanks. I definitely like it better than her real costume.

      I know I can't believe the stuff tha fits her now actually does. It used to look huge!

  2. No pictures of the Steelers pjs? I love that they're sticking out their tongues haha.

    1. About a month later I did post a pic of her in it. Well I mean later in time but post went up earlier. I had too many costume pics that sleeper didn't make the cut.