Monday, December 15, 2014

Citrus Lane December 2014

We got our 8th Citrus Lane box. This is the second box that arrived after they think Ella turns 1. I am still liking the fact that I changed her age in the system.
Here's what we got and pricing
Scrappy Cat from Under the Nile - 6.71 + 6.95 Shipping ($14 from Under the Nile + shipping?)
Knob Puzzle from Hope - 9.99
Little Pea from Chronicle Books - 7.99 (Says the books isn't released yet!)
Super Blends from Love Child Organics - 3 (1.50/each guess)

 Total: 34.64
The total was low again this month.  We got to choose what kind of knob puzzle.  Ells loves the puzzle. She can't use it but really loves it. I am very excited that we got a new book. The book pricing might be wrong because 7.99 wasn't available yet and elsewhere I saw it for more. I'm not sure if they are board books either.   Ella had 0 interest in scrappy cat. There was another baby visiting that is 2 month younger than Ella and she also had 0 interest in scrappy cat.  Ella's favorite part was the purees. So then I fed her puree. She never likes puree so I was surprised. She liked playing with them. She knows they are food.  Ella is also a big fan of the confetti.  I guess it's worth the $17.50 I pay but I wouldn't pay full price.


  1. That puzzle and book will be gifts she'll play with for a long time. I think Scrappy Cat is cute! Too bad Ella didn't have interest. Maybe she will eventually?

    1. At 6am she held scrappy cat. So maybe she will like the cat. She hasn't liked a doll yet.

      I already have the book memorized. She made me read it over and over when she was up in the middle of the night. She loves to touch the pea on each page.

    2. Well I got Dave to play with scrappy cat with her and now she loves it.

  2. The boxes do seem to be improving! I still need to post ours from this month but we liked it too and got the same book. I'm glad you're getting books now.