Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 1-10 Outfits

I need to get rid of this top in my rotation and save it for when I'm nursing future kids. It's a bit loose and my nursing pads just float around.
 I don't know why I keep wearing the jeans I hate.
This is a new shirt from Kohl's. I grabbed it at the last second because I had more Kohl's cash to spend. It's a tad tighter than I'd like but I wasn't going back. You can see my love handles in it.
 Look I even wore nice shoes!
The first pic is what I wore to run. The second outfit is what I wore to the Mountain View Tree Lighting.  I'm bummed we didn't coordinate until it was dark. It's difficult to get good pictures when it's dark.
This isn't a daily picture. I was trying to set up the tripod to be ready to take family pictures the next day. This was a practice shot but it's the closet I have to an outfit photo. I already was in my yoga pants by this point.

I even left the house more than I have outfits here. I'm becoming a real slacker.


  1. Agreed that the polka dot tank top looks big on you. I love the pics of you and Ella.

    1. You always love the ones with Ella. Too bad I don't have a Summary somewhere of the ones with Ella. It would be awesome to see how we both changed.

    2. It's true. I always wish there were more pictures of me with Parker, too.