Wednesday, July 9, 2014

6.7.14 Travel

After no sleep, we head to the airport at 3:30 AM to make our flight. The line is insanely long when we get there. I hear people talking that the flight is cancelled so I hurry and call my parents to make sure they don't leave. They park and come in and I wait in line forever to get another ticket. There were many issues. Then I walk away and the ticket is not what they said and was not direct so I have to go back to the counter! I didn't wait in line but still had to wait forever to even interrupt. The new flight is now at the same time the following day.
 Ella misses daddy so at home we do some google+ hangouts with him.
Ella was teething a lot and Grandma FINALLY got her to sleep after Tylenol and a lot of crying.
With the flight fiasco we had an extra day to visit. We tried to keep as much packed as possible so Ella used an old bib from when I was little to eat dinner. Then we shared a cucumber. She loved to suck on it. She didn't appreciate it when I took a bite. Ella had another night of no sleep but then we hung out with Uncle Timmy and his transistor radio and she finally fell asleep. We slept a little over an hour before we had to go tot he airport again! Poor Ella missed Daddy so much that she didn't want to sleep anymore.  Poor me being up with her the entire time.

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