Monday, June 8, 2015


Ella woke up at 1 am and then for the day she woke me up at 6:30 but I think she was up a full hour before then and I just never heard her.  That's what happens when she goes to sleep at 6 after not having had a nap.

We had a few breakfasts. We drove Dave to work.

Marie and Clara came over so Marie and I could lift weights. The kids like to play.  Then Gio came over to finish painting her Elmo. Lily and Ella were so cute together. Well sometimes they fight but at one point they started holding hands and walking together. Then they stopped and looked out the back door together while still holding hands. My phone was out of reach so I missed that.  Then they kissed and hugged. It ended with them both falling over from the hug.   Ella liked to give Marie hugs but not me. Then later liked to sit on Gio's lap but not mine. Clara would give me a big hug and Lily would sit on my lap!

They left and I started to feed Ella lunch. While she ate I cleaned up the tornado of a mess 3 toddlers make. There were Cheerios everywhere and toys everywhere. The cheerios were so messy. I kept stepping on them so I had to clean up right away.

I got Ella to nap right after.  I finally watched the rest of Criminal Minds during her nap. I only started the episode 6 days earlier.

After her nap we went to Safeway.

Around 5 or 6 is when my day always feels so long with Ella. Then I have to wait for what feels like forever for Dave to get home.

Dave worked extremely late. I fed Ella and she was eating when he got home.  I often wish I had a good ETA for him. But sometimes he tells me when he's about to leave and sometimes not but he never tells me at 5 that he won't be home until 7:30. I always say it's a guessing game for when to have dinner ready.

I had to reheat my dinner 3 times. Dave got to eat his dinner and was complaining that I needed to keep Ella out of his way. He ate on the couch. I didn't find that fair and still did it. Then I finished eating after I got Ella to bed. I had to give her a bath first to get all the spaghetti sauce off of her.

I was so tired and have been. I realized that now that I get Ella to nap in her crib more that I don't get any naps myself and I'm productive during her naps so I'm always on the move.  I fell asleep while watching Boardwalk Empires. I'm not even sure how much of it I slept through before Dave realized I was asleep.

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