Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We went to Target in the morning since I wasn't doing my long run.  Ella got new shoes. She's up to size 6 now.

We bought a place mat to use at our table. Our initial high chair that we had goes on a chair and if that's only on height 2, Ella can fit at the table.  We tried it out but it didn't go well and Ella kept throwing everything.

I have been feeling bad for Poly lately because she will be asleep on the couch and Ella will climb up on the couch and disturb her. So I went and got Poly's red bag and put it on my standing computer desk. Poly hopped in it and took a nap right away.

Ella got a kid broom and she loves it.  She ate and then she "swept" but I just need to get her to actually sweep.

Ella loves looking at Groovebooks. She even points at herself in pictures.

Ella says "uh oh" all the time now. She will fall or drop stuff on purpose just so she can say uh oh.
my shirt

Dave's shirt


  1. The new shoes are even cuter than the other ones!! I love that she plays dress up with your clothes.

    1. Thanks. Pink doesn't match everything though