Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Ella woke up early.   We went for a run at 9 and she fell asleep during the run!

She wouldn't nap at nap time!

I really needed to shower so I thought why not have Ella shower too. She liked to shower but she slipped all over the place. We need a mat or something to put down.  Then I got creative and thought to bring her tub into the shower. That was great. She loved it. She was also able to splash and not make a huge mess everywhere. I don't know how I didn't think of this sooner. Also, dumping out the little tub directly into the shower is so much easier than lifting it to dump it into the big tub.

Ella played a lot in the tub. I was able to get dressed and comb my hair and everything.  Then she started to get out so we got her out. I put on her diaper in her room and she saw her iPad so I let her play with that. I went to grab clothes for her to put on and in that second I was doing that she ran out of the room. I ran directly to the tub that I hadn't dumped out and she was already in it splashing while wearing her diaper!  I got her out and closed the bathroom door. I got her dressed and just left the door closed until later I could dump it.  She's a sneaky bugger.

I decided to buy a double BOB on Craigslist since it was so cheap. It has a broken buckle but the internet told me it's an easy fix. (Later I did more research and can't find any more information about this easy fix and I already wasted 3 hours looking.) The stroller is so Ella and a friend can sit next to each other on runs or maybe on long walks. She has so much more fun with someone beside her. She complains a lot anymore when she's alone.

The stroller was near Jersey Joe's so we all went there for dinner.  Ella fell asleep in the car!  She got to sleep almost an hour. She was so calm and peaceful at dinner since she was still tired. It was so nice. I'm jealous of anyone else who has a child that good at a restaurant all the time.

We got home and played and snacked. I was snacking and Ella wanted to join me. I was dunking Oreos in milk so she wanted to. She did rather well at dunking. She kept complaining to me and I thought it was because she wanted to dunk the cookie a second time. I kept telling her that would get too soggy. Finally I got her her own cup and she just wanted to drink the milk. I should have let her have mine first I guess. But then she had her own plastic cup that I could hold that had much less milk in it so that was pretty good.   Since she napped from 5:45-6:40 in the car (even though I had to wake her up at 6:40 to eat dinner) we started her bedtime routine later. She fell asleep at 9:11.

Dave and I watched the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy and went to sleep.


  1. I thought that bath tub story was going to end in her dunking the iPad in the tub. I was so worried!

    1. When I reread it last night I was curious what even happened to the ipad.