Friday, June 19, 2015


I heard Ella at 7:48 and she had been awake about a half hour. She was so pleasant. It was so weird. Then she didn't want to nurse immediately. I have been trying to not nurse her in the mornings but she usually wants to. She didn't even want to drink milk or eat. It was weird. She was so pleasant and happy.

We dropped Dave off at work then I dropped Ella off at Marie's.  Marie watched her for about 3 hours while I went to the mall.  I got updates on her status while I was shopping. Shopping took way longer than I thought because I was so unhappy with the selection.  Ella was happy for the first half the time. Then she was cranky and tired.  Many stores don't carry long jeans. Even Express didn't have any. I hate how people are so short around here. American Eagle Outfitters did have jeans. I also bought bermuda shorts there and a maxi dress at Forever 21.

She also didn't eat much while at Marie's.  Clara was tired too but she wouldn't go down for a nap with Ella there. She cried. Then Ella cried because she was crying.  Clara never napped all day because she got past the point. Oops.

I nursed Ella before leaving Marie's because I thought Ella would fall asleep in the car.  She did. But she woke up going into her crib.  I changed her diaper and nursed again and she  napped for 3 hours!  She woke up a few times and went back to sleep the last half hour of her nap.  When I finally went in she wasn't even unpleasant.  She was just there chilling.

Again she wasn't hungry. This is so weird.  She didn't beg to nurse or anything.   We played and hung out. I got her to eat a little bit by breaking out her favorite yogurt bites.

We went to Fresh and Easy and instead of carrying Ella, I put her down and she held my hand. So many people looked at her and told her how cute she was.

I cooked fajitas for dinner but Ella was whining a lot even when I was holding her.

We sat Ella down for dinner but she didn't want anything we were giving her.  She barely ate again. She wanted down. She got down and whined a lot and complained but also had fun standing in front of the fan.

Finally as it was closer to bed time she stopped whining and was playing more.

We started bedtime routine a little late. We didn't have her thin footie pajamas because she got poop on them in the morning.  We put her in PJs since it's so hot. She didn't like that so much. She fell asleep and woke up and moved all around and then repeat quite a few times. It took her an hour to fall asleep for good or at least I stopped checking at that point. She didn't cry at all. About 2 minutes after I put her in the crib she did look over the edge and kept saying "uh oh" so I guess she dropped something but then she got over it.

I registered for a half marathon. I used my computer. We watched Hell's Kitchen. Dave fell asleep during it so I used my computer more. I stayed up too late. I also get so tired standing at my standing desk. I really do need to get the bar stool/chair so I can sit if I want to.


  1. Still love that shirt on her. Post pictures of the clothes you got!

    1. I've worn all but 1. The dark wash jeans say to prewash separately and I never did that.
      I'll do a post of recent new clothes