Friday, June 26, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:30 because the smoke alarm in her room was beeping. I had to wake up Dave to get the batteries out since I'm too short even with a step stool. I tried to get her back to sleep and she finally fell back to sleep at 6:20.  At 7:40, she sort of woke up and then I just woke her up since I had to go to the bathroom.

We drove Dave to work.

We got home and got ready for my run. I wasted so much time looking for Ella's shoes.

Right as it was time to leave, Marie showed up with Clara. There wasn't a lot of time so we left right away. I pushed a double jogger and met Diana and ran with her.  Marie went to hot yoga and then a haircut.

During the 2.5 hours that I watched Clara, we went for a run and then we hung out.  At first they played so well so I decided to log into my mac so my watch would automatically upload. Well I started to hear whining and look and Ella is biting Clara's finger. I run over but by that point there are already teeth marks in Clara's finger. She was trying to back up and Ella just wouldn't quit biting.  Clara was crying.  I yelled at Ella and she cried.  Crying didn't last long and they were back to playing. I of course watched them like a hawk though. We played in all the rooms. We got out lots of toys. There was lots of fighting over toys or fighting over who got to sit in the high chair that's on the ground. But that was all more playful not like Ella's biting.   We even played outside.

I was starting to feed Ella lunch right when Marie showed up.  She fed both girls while I got to shower. Neither ate that much though. Ella keeps refusing food and it's annoying.

Then after the shower Ella wanted more food so I put her back in the chair to finish eating a bit and I got to eat. She didn't eat much but at least I got to eat.

Then she napped. But she only would nap on me. She also wanted to nurse while napping. If I stopped that she woke up and cried. Since she was so whiny all morning and so clingy I just didn't want to deal with it so I gave in to her.  Earlier if I left the room or was out of her site she just started crying.

She napped almost 3 hours.

Then we hung out and played. I spent more time looking for her shoes. We went to the park.  Ella didn't want to actually play at the park. She just wanted to sit in her car and be pushed around.

We left the park to go home to get ready and go pick up Dave. He suggested going to Outback and I couldn't pass that up.

We went. Ella was so good and happy. Of course Dave and Ella were done eating before I was so Dave took her outside. She had so much fun with him. They were being sneaky watching me through the window until I saw them then they'd hide. Ella loved it.  Then on the drive home she was so happy and squealing and talking. It was nuts how she was so happy after the rest of the day that we had.

We only had a little bit of time at home to play. She played and hung out and I looked for her shoes more. We could hear the train horn from our bedroom. Dave pointed it out to Ella and she got really scared. He had to hug her so tight. I'm not sure if he didn't point it out if she would have reacted. But Dave also said it was louder and different than the normal train we hear.

I had looked at my pictures and she was wearing them at 1:40 the day before and not at 1:41. I also had a vague memory of her bringing her shoes to me later in the day and I told her we weren't going anywhere but I had no idea what happened to them after that.

I got her to bed.  She was awake in the crib but didn't cry. She lied there for awhile with her eyes open but not crying or anything.

I spent more time looking for her shoes. I found them! They were on Dave's computer chair under the blanket he had wrapped the smoke detector in at 5:30 AM. He actually didn't remove the batteries. I had gotten the smoke detector but left the blanket there.  I can't believe I wasted 3 hours of my day looking for those shoes.

Once I found the shoes, I finished filling out Ella's preschool paperwork.  That took a bit of time even though I had a lot filled out.

Then I started cleaning up Ella's toys and the kitchen.  Once I did that I just started using my computer and chatting with people and blogging.  Dave had fallen asleep on the couch so we didn't watch TV.

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