Saturday, June 27, 2015


Overall the day was awful. I didn't run and tried to do errands. That failed. Ella was whining so bad at home we went to a park meetup. Well only the host was signed up and we were there 45 minutes and she showed up right after we left. It was nice to discover that park though. Ella was pretty content there or content in the car.  We got home and she was miserable.

So I took her for a ride and hit up Jack in the Box for some lunch. We ate parked in the parking lot. I was joking with people that I thought she missed our run. I didn't really think that was the case. But then at Shoreline when I was driving her around she saw a mom with a BOB stroller and she got all excited. Maybe she really did miss the run.

I finally went to the post office.  Then I tried to go to UPS. The one closer didn't have parking so I decided to go to the further one. Ella fell asleep in the car. I sat there parked for a bit. I was going to ask someone to go in and drop my package but I didn't. I went home.  I tried to crib transfer her and that failed.   Then she was miserable. I tried to get her back to sleep and that failed.  It was really awful at home. I can only handle so much crying and whining and I was at my limit.   I thought how she was at least better in the car so I decided to go back to UPS.  She was content so I decided to go somewhere else. We went to Kohl's to look for some coordinating outfits. It was hard to hold her and she wanted to run around but strategically there was a cart right there by the kid area so I put her in it and we shopped around. I even talked to my mom on hangouts far too much telling her about different options.

I found a skirt for Ella and a top for me that were the same color and I got some matching things for Ella too.  I tried to find shoes but failed. I had gone to Payless after UPS too. I just wanted some white sandals or some white or black dressy shoes. I guess that's just being too picky.

She finally napped near 3 PM. She napped on me for 3.5 hours. I thought letting her nap that long would help her get back on her sleep schedule. She stayed up a bit later than normal (but didn't end up sleeping in).

It rained a little bit throughout the day. There was almost no traffic all the times I went out. I wish traffic was always like that.

My new phone screen arrived so Dave spent a good amount of time putting that on. When he ordered it he said he should have ordered a new battery. Then when it was all apart he said the same thing. I really do need a new battery. Mine is down to 65 percent before 10 AM all the time. I have to charge it a lot.

We put Ella in gutchies as practice for about 45 minutes. She liked them and was showing them off.

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