Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Transformation Tuesday

I finally decided to share my story. It's a bit scary to me to put it out there but it shouldn't be scary so here goes. I first shared this on a facebook group with 25 members. Then I shared it on facebook to my friends. Now I'm posting it here. Wow.
I hurt my knee back in 2007 and it was bad until I had surgery in 2009. I couldn't do much athletic activity and I hated it. February 13, 2009, I had knee surgery and slowly began working out. In about 3 months I dropped 2 pants sizes (and lost 3 lbs). That was the beginning of my journey. On April 29, 2009, I jogged for 10 straight minutes and didn't even make it a mile. I was working out and started running all the time. I trained for races and got in great shape. I even ran an ultra-marathon. It was a fun couple years. Then I moved in June 2012. I didn't know anyone or have any money. I slowly gained 17 lbs. (Maybe not that slowly; it was about 5 months.) Then I got pregnant and gained 41 more lbs during pregnancy. After that, I had to work at it. I lost the pregnancy weight and then I lost the other 17 lbs I gained. I kept working to become more ripped. You are never done. If you aren't getting stronger you are getting weaker. You have to keep working at it or you will end up out of shape and not fitting into any of your clothes. If you want to work on your journey and be part of my journey, join me for my challenge group starting January 4.
I shared the first 2 pictures but I meant to share this side profile picture instead of the one with so many pictures. With so many it's hard to tell progress.  After I made these I found some more pictures like one from 2006 and some other random pictures prior to 2013 but this is good enough.
 Wow now I realize the 2011 label is gone from the odd picture that isn't full body.  If I remember correctly it was from 12/31/11.

I often take pictures and call them progress pictures. I always find that title a little odd but it is progress in some way or other. But now I've heard people call their comparison photos their transformation photos. I like that better.  They usually just compare 2 photos. But I can't seem to just pick 2.


  1. It is a journey. I'll be starting mine after this baby is out of me. I think you look awesome and I'm impressed with your dedication.